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When they become Aristasia, they can’t do anything other than look at the faces of her handsome older brother and younger brother without even meeting gigolo.

They secretly teased Aris through this.

She couldn’t say it seriously, even though Evanstein or Leonhard were more likely to be fine with it.


“Everyone said they enjoyed the time they spent with the gigolo, but I don’t have anything like that!”

“That’s why you called a gigolo”

Aris nodded her head.

“It’s not as good as you think.”

“How does Brother know that”


Evan had spent time with a courtesan before his determined personality became famous.

Once Evan had been drinking, he was taken to the room by the courtesan.

But it failed just as an attempt.

Evan, waking up from his drunkenness while the courtesan was caressing him, pushed her away and ran away.

The nobles made fun of the Duke as a timid man who could not satisfy a single courtesan.

However, his determined character became famous when they saw the duke who attended the banquet throw away his gloves every time he came into contact with a woman, put on new ones, and left the banquet hall when his lieutenant had used all the gloves he had prepared.

‘I throw away the gloves every time I shake hands, how much I hated it when the courtesan touched me…….’

However, no one was so ignorant that they even told such a story to his sister, whom the Duke loved.

Even in official meetings, the person was always by Aris’s side like a barrier, so how can they carelessly use their mouth.

So Aris was completely unaware of this situation, and she understood that Evan just didn’t want to touch other women.

And Evan didn’t want to explain this in detail, so he bit his mouth.

Because of this, Aris interpreted his silence differently.

“See! My brother also has experience, I’m the only one!”

Seeing Evan who was rarely speechless, Aris gained strength.

If she gives up like this, she will probably marry and will never ever meet a gigolo.

It seemed that no noble man she would marry, except for her prodigal younger brother, recognized even by the courtesans, could be as good as a gigolo.

(This is the story she heard at the tea party too.)

“Call the gigolo!”

“What are you going to do by calling it”

“What are you going to do with the gigolo”

“Do you know what that is”

As Evan took a step closer to Aris, she took a step back without realizing it.

But she didn’t back down psychologically.

“Who do you think is an idiot I saw it from the book and I know it!”

Aris, who cried like that, looked confident and not intimidated at all, but inside her, there were more thoughts.

It was because she heard the story at the tea party and it seemed like he was going to stop her from going to the tea party if he knew.

She said she saw it in the books, so perhaps she’ll end up looking for a few books.

It would be a pity if she was discovered, but she thought that she would be pardoned again.

“It’s not all in the book.”

“Then what else is there”

Evan gradually drove Aris with his large physique.

As she tried to step back from her, something caught her leg and she turned around to find that she was already in bed.

“Go to sleep.”

Evan grabbed Aris, laid her on her bed, and covered her with the duvet.

She struggled, but to no avail.

“Why! What else is there!”

“You don’t need to know.”

“You won’t even talk!”


Evan patted her to put her to sleep while keeping his mouth shut, and in the end Aris gave up as well.

She knew that it was impossible to call the gigolo again tonight, as long as she was caught by Evan anyway.

“I hate you, brother.”

“Don’t hate me.”

“I hate you.”

Aris’ grumbling was repeated.

When she said ‘I hate you’ instead of ‘you’re mean’, Evan would grant Aris’s rather unreasonable demands.

But this time, he just quietly accepted her complaints until Aris fell asleep.

The next morning.

Leonhard, who had been drinking all night, came back with courtesans on both sides.

Moreover, his hands were draped across the courtesan’s plump chest.

And what about the courtesans

They were clinging to Leon’s each side one by one, gently touching the chest inside his loose top, or stroking his waist, making an explicit appeal.

When Aris saw Leon’s actions, her stomach boiled.

It was a different kind of anger from what his brother thought, ‘how dare you in the duke’s residence’.

‘Some people are having a hard time even once, but some do it every day!’

As expected, she thought that she should call gigolo.

She couldn’t do it because she was embarrassed.

However, if she left it to the maid, it was clear that Evan would come again that night instead of the gigolo.

So Aris got into the carriage, pretending she was going out naturally, and asked Madame Ash directly.

“Send me a handsome man!”

“Of course.

You are Leonhard’s sister.

I will take special care.”

Leonhard was Ash’s regular and, of course, he was a big hand who took two or three courtesans every time he came, so it was natural to care about the gigolo to send to Aris.

Aris returned to the house with a satisfied smile at Madame’s confirmation.

While she was pleasantly resting in her room, the loyal coachman ran to Duke Verdick and told him that the Miss had been to Ash.


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