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Time of the Night He Does Not Know (10) – unedited

“Why wine”

“Just to make you feel better.”

Evan pulled out the wine that had been sitting in the cellar for a long time, as he couldn’t help but toast the progress of his relationship with his sister.

The butler skillfully filled Evan, Aris, and Leon’s glasses with wine.

“Wow, it smells good.

It’s really been a long time since I drank it.”

“I know.

Before that, my sister had a drink with Lady Hereta and was loaded into the carriage… … Ack!”

“Leon, do noble shouts like that”


Leon rubbed his shin, which was suddenly kicked by Aris.

Aris was savoring the wine and smiling leisurely.

“But you came sooner than I thought.”

Evan swallowed the rest of his words, ‘I didn’t know you could hold on to that much.’ He thought he and Aris could have dinner alone.

“I came quickly to see your face.

I didn’t see you yesterday because you were asleep.”

She remembered Leon’s words that she had forgotten because she was so busy with Evan.

Don’t fall asleep at night and wait…….

No matter how much time she spent wallowing with her brother, she completely forgot about it.

Then, one by one, the events of wallowing with her brother came to mind.

“…… Yes it was.”

Aris bowed deeply with her face reddened and just drank wine on repeat.

Seeing her reaction, Evan and Leon thought differently, raising one corner of their mouth and smiling.

Evan recalled why she had to go to bed early, and Leon recalled what he meant when he said he would return with the bloody red.

And Aris was awake today, so he wouldn’t let her go.



“Aren’t you drinking too fast”

Aris’s face turned bright red, but she couldn’t tell whether it was because of her embarrassment or because she drank the alcohol.

Only after hearing the butler open the cork of a new bottle did Evan and Leon understand the situation.

It was after Aris had already drank more than half of her bottle.

“No it’s okay!”

Talking with her tongue twisted couldn’t make her sound convincing.

Still, for now, it’s drinking at the house, and maybe it’s because Aris was feeling good as she is…… Evan thought softly.

Besides, he loved the way Aris talked with bashful smiles, so he thought it would be ok to take all the wines in the cellar.

But for Leon, it was a difficult thing if Aris was to get drunk.

He has seen too many people who just fell asleep.

Leon made Aris control her drinking rate by constantly putting fruit or something on her plate.

They eventually left after emptying the second bottle.

“Sleep early, tomorrow is early,” Evan muttered as he went up to his bedroom.

Aris also staggered to get up, and Leon put his arms under her back and under her knee and lifted her up who cannot walk.

“How on earth can you get drunk like this with two bottles”

Hearing this, Aris shouted that she wasn’t drunk, but the smell of alcohol emanating from her was not wine, but two bottles of brandy, much stronger than that.

“Yes, you are.”

Leon leisurely carried Aris from the dining room on the first floor to her room on the fourth floor.

‘Why are the ordeals continuing like this’

Suddenly, the Emperor summoned him and told him useless stories over and over again and today there was a pile of paperwork.

To the extent that he couldn’t pass it all over to the lieutenant.

According to the original plan, he should have spent last night with his sister.

Leon skillfully took off the dress and placed Aris, who only wore a slip, on the bed and covered her with the blanket.

“Sister, drink water and go to sleep.

If you just sleep now, you’ll get an upset stomach.”


Leon sighed, saying that it’s always the sober person who does the cleaning.

Leon went back to his own room and wondered when he could spend the night with her.

He wondered if it was his older brother’s scheme that his sister got drunk this time.

It couldn’t be, though.

If that had been the case, he wouldn’t have stood still to see his sister being held in such a messy look.

Although it was due to alcohol, her skin became red, her body temperature was higher than usual, and her warm breath that touched his neck when he held Aris in his arms a while ago.

He imagined if it wasn’t because he drank alcohol, but because she was writhing for pleasure lying underneath him.

He took out if cock.

“Haa, sister…….”

Even though he was only imagining it, his thing was already swollen.

As he leaned on the bed, he slowly closed his eyes and recalled Aris’ figure he had seen a moment ago.

‘Damn, I’m touching myself right now.

There are so many women who would spread their legs to me.’

It was his first time drinking alcohol in the mansion since his sister was carried in drunk, so he was swept away by the atmosphere and made a mistake.

Why was he feeling miserable touching himself alone like this because he saw his sister like that

Just this time, just this one time, he will finish it by thinking of his sister, and after finding some time to relax, he will pour himself inside a courtesan, who resembles his sister.

‘Shit, **.

It’s not like I’m pouring myself in her mouth.’

His hand moved nonstop at the sight of Aris, who did not leave his mind even though he was swearing inside.

His penis, which looked even more ferocious with the dark red veins rising, ran towards its climax.

“Haa, Aristasia.

Aristasia Verdic.”


Leon spit out cursing at the sudden bursting sound.

His cock was still standing still, but he had no choice but to tuck it into his pants.

There was a sound coming from Aris’s room.

Leon straightened out his appearance and ran straight to her room.


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