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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (8) – unedited

She didn’t even think that the ring in the side table could fill all five of Aris’s fingers.

“Then can I put it in now”

“…… Yes.”

“Tell me if it hurts.”

Aris nodded her head with a nervous expression on her face and gripped the sheet that the tips of her fingers turned white as if preparing for the pain to come.

Evan spread her legs wide and took his position between them.

Then he slowly moved his waist, and his glans squeezed into her narrow vagina.

At first, the pain of yesterday seemed to come back as he came in.

However, when the thickest glans was inserted, yesterday’s pain ceased to exist as if it was a dream.


“Does it hurt”

Rather than hurting, his big cock went through every wrinkle inside her walls, so if he did something, she would almost climax right after the insertion.

“N, no.

It doesn’t hurt.”


Evan carefully moved his back.

He was afraid that Aris might get hurt, so he moved slowly to take care of her, and that made Aris even more mad.

As he slowly passed her erogenous zone, her climax did not seem to come, and she was frustrated.

Her body was waiting for the climax that was about to come a while ago.


“Yes, Aris.”

“…… Can you do it a little faster”

“Of course.”

Evan lifted his back as if waiting.

And at the same time, a light seemed to flicker in front of Aris’s eyes.

“Ah, aht!”

“You must be in pain.”

Yesterday was definitely the pleasure she had reached after suffering for a long time, but this time it drove Aris crazy from the start.

And there was no way Evan could not have noticed that she had reached her climax at once.

Her trembling wrists, her pounding vaginal muscles, and the sound of her hot breathing were telling him.

As Aris caught her breath and seemed to find her stability a little, Evan immediately moved his waist harder than before.

“Hauhh, Brother, heeuk!

It was Aris who cried yesterday because it hurts.

But now her pleasure-stricken voice rang in his ear.

When Evan heard her sweet voice, he moved even harder.

Yesterday, the mental satisfaction of being in bed with Aris for the first time gave him pleasure, today her inner walls squeezing on him mercilessly led him to pleasure.

“Aris, Aris.

Do you like it”

“Hah! I like, like it! Uh!”

“Kugh, I like it too.”

Evan leaned over her.

Then, her body swayed little by little according to his waist, and he embraced her shoulder, which was moving up, and he flexibly moved only his waist to continue pounding his weight.

When her body was completely immobilized by Evan, it led to a deeper stimulation than before.

Aris shouted in the intense pleasure incomparable to when her brother or younger brother had done it with their fingers and their tongue before, and on the other hand, she wanted to run away from the pleasure.

But the only opponent she could rely on now was her brother in front of her, giving her more pleasure than she could afford.

So Aris released her hand that was holding the sheet and wrapped her arm around Evan’s neck.


She tried to say that it was okay to take it a little slower, but Evan responded to Aris’s call with a rougher thrusting motion.

Aris, who had been yelling mindlessly, reached the climax again and hugged Evan tightly.

Showing how much she felt, between her legs, not the usual transparent liquid, but the pure white love liquid she spewed out, wet the sheet.


Aris, you are lovely.”

In the afterglow of her climax, Evan kissed her softly, as if waiting for Aris to catch her breath.

After a moment she sighed, Aris realized that her brother had never climaxed once with her while she climaxed several times herself.

“Hold on!”


“Why don’t you, brother”

“What do you mean”

“…… climax”

Evan had put all of his strength into putting up with her whenever she tightened on his thing from all sides.

The reason was simple.

Because he wanted Aris to like it a little more.

He wished he had seen enough of Aris agonizing over the pleasure, even if he did once himself.

“I endured it.”

Aris was embarrassed to hear that Evan had put up with her.

Will she be able to endure it

If it was endurable, she would have endured it herself.

But by Aris’ standards, that was not something that could be endured.

“Ho, how”

“Are you curious about the method”

“No! It’s not something you can imitate just by hearing it… … .”

As the conversation grew longer, Evan slowly began to move his waist again.

As she said, he hadn’t climaxed yet, so he couldn’t afford to wait long for her.

“Brother Evan.”


“It’s okay if you can’t endure it.”

She didn’t know how long Evan would last.

In comparison to him, she had already reached several climaxes and was on the verge of melting away.

So it’s okay to climax now, there’s no need to endure it…… She wanted to say that.


It’s just that Evan’s interpretation was different from Aris’ intention.

Evan turned Aris’ body and made her lie face down.

Aris was bewildered by the pose that looked like an animal.

She was told she could do it this way, but she didn’t know that she would do it with her noble brother.

Evan’s long fingers moved along the line of her back.

As his fingers ran through her, her already sensitive back twitched and bent like a bow.

Then his hands grabbed both of her pelvis, trying to insert again.


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