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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (5)

Aris washed herself in the spacious bathroom with the help of the maids.

After soaking in the hot water, the pain in her lower body seemed to have subsided a little.

She liked the feeling, so after soaking it for a while, she fell asleep, and when the maid woke her up, there was fever in her head.

She came into the room and found that the faithful and capable maids had changed all the bedding and opened the whole window to let the smell out.

Thanks to this, Aris led her wrinkled body and laid down on the bed refreshed.

And as soon as she took the pillow, she was drawn to that drowsy feeling after sex, and she fell asleep right away.

By the time she woke up, it was already dawn, which is not enough to even say ‘night’.

The blanket was well covered by whoever had covered it, and a simple snack, which probably had been brought by her brother, was placed on the table.

Aris was the only one in the room anyway, so she leaned comfortably on the chair next to the table and tasted them one by one.

‘…… delicious.’

She was filling her hungry stomach, and as the hunger faded to some extent, she remembered what she had done for the day.

If she thought about it, it was already yesterday, not today.

She woke up only after her brother had woken up and looked at the jewelry, and then she ate.

And she finally did what everyone else does!

After that she took a bath and she was gone for the day.

No matter how late she woke up, the day went by.

Of course, she looked at the jewelry for a long time and bathed for a long time, but…… still.

‘Really…… It was very painful.’

Leon told her not to sleep at night and wait, but it was fortunate that it was already dawn in a way.

In the end, it was incomparably good at what he did with his hands, but it was so painful up until then.

She was kind of worried that next time it might hurt so much like that again.

But she didn’t know when she would do it again, and she didn’t seem to have to worry about it now.

Aris decided to worry about the future later, and she pondered what to do now.

The day went by without her knowing what had happened yesterday, but she thought she had to do something productive today.

‘I can’t even sleep.

Shall we go for a walk’

She hesitated and left the room, draping a light shawl over her slip.

She didn’t want to run into Leon who might be in the room next to her for nothing.

Leon told her to wait, but she didn’t want to do it with him one more time, just in case she ran into Leon.

She couldn’t help but lay down on her bed, stretching or unwinding her stiff body.

While she rationalizes that this is not even productive enough.

In the end, Aris who couldn’t sleep for a long time, saw the sun rising, and she fell asleep only afterward.

* * *


“Did you sleep well”

Aris nodded her head roughly to her brother who was sitting at the table.

Aris, who sat comfortably as the butler removed her chair, tasted the food the maid had brought in front of her one by one.

“You must be hungry because you didn’t eat dinner yesterday, so eat a lot.”


I woke up at night and had a snack.

Did Brother bring it Thank you.”

“…… Eat well.”

Evan had a slight expression on his face when he heard about the snack he had never brought, but he soon resumed his meal with an expressionless face.

It seemed that Leon brought it to her late at night.



“…… are you okay”

“Better than yesterday.

It really hurt yesterday.”

As soon as the story came out, the pain in her lower body seemed to come back to life.

“You must have slept early because it was very tiring.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be so hard, but when I woke up, it was dawn.”

“…… sorry.”

“What is there to be sorry about, brother At first, everyone says so.”

After Aris’s words, there was a moment of silence.

After thinking for a moment, she opened her mouth.


That’s why I don’t want to call a gigolo anymore.”

She was worried that she might get hurt again.

So, she thought about calling after she had fully prepared her body and mind.

Then if she changes her mind and wants to do it, she might call.

“Yes, well thought.”


Sorry to bother you.

But thanks to you, my questions have been answered.”

“It didn’t bother me at all.”

Around the time they finished their meal and drank tea, Evan spoke up.



“This brother also has a question, can I ask you a favor”

“Of course! My brother also helped me, so if I can help, I will help!”

“Thank you.”

Evan sighed in relief.

His vacation was still several days away, and he had no intention of ending his relationship with her once and for all.

The first time he had to get Aris’ consent, but the second was important to keep the relationship going.

‘How can I get my hands on an opportunity, but I can’t blow it away so easily.’

Leon went out at dawn today, so he couldn’t see them like yesterday.

It was most obvious that he was aiming for a Leon-free time until he completely got his hands on her.

He doesn’t care about Leon at all like the servants, but Aris doesn’t.

As Aris set the empty teacup down on the table, Evan got up right away and reached out his hand to escort her.

“Right now”

“If you don’t mind.”

“How could it be! It’s okay.”

Aris grabbed Evan’s hand with a little fluttering heart and followed him.


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