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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (4)

His climax came rushing in as he tried to push the cock that was about to explode inside her narrow vagina.

Besides, how sweet her saliva was.

He eventually managed to unleash all his patience and put all of him inside her.

“Are you okay”

“…… no.”

Aris felt like she was going to die.

Putting the three fingers in her only felt good.

By the way, even though she put only one of her brother’s thing, it seemed believable that her body was being split in half.

‘What’s the difference Is it because I only put one in’

But she can’t even put three dicks in.

And even if only one finger went in, she wouldn’t feel this piercing pain.

Evan wanted to shovel his weight mercilessly at any moment as he endured it until she said it was okay, and sweat was forming on his forehead.

But whether he did or not, Aris thought for a moment and pondered, and then she found an  answer.



Evan barely answered in a hoarse voice.

“Can you move”

When Aris thought that her brother did not put his finger in and stayed still, he also moved.

‘Isn’t it okay if Brother moves’

Evan began to move as soon as she gave her permission.

Slowly, carefully, for fear that Aris might ask him to stop doing when he wanted to move wildly right now.

He admired himself, he knew that he had excellent patience, but he had no idea that it would be this great.

“Uh, uhk, it hurts…….”

Aris became resentful of everything in the world.

The girls at the tea party said that it was very good.

But she wondered why she was only in pain.

No matter how painful it is at first, it’s been a while since he put it in, so why is it still painful

However, as Evan began to move his waist, the speed gradually increased.

As he began to move, it gradually became unbearable.

“Haa, Aris…….

Is it still very painful”

“Uh, yes, it hurts.


Aris’s answer was that she was still in pain.

But in the dull pain, a tingling pleasure slowly permeated.

It hurts, but pleasure begins to accompany it, and her voice gets wet.

As if evidence of that, unlike the first time, love juice flowed from her inside that was wrapped around his cock, and Evan was able to move around with ease.

Then, Evan tapped on the spot where she felt it exceptionally.

“Ahheuk, uhh, Brother, Brother!”

“Yes, Aris.”

Evan remembered that it was the part that Aris liked, and he pressed the part intensely.

“Aughh, uhh! It’s, it’s weird.”

“What do you mean”

“Obviously it hurts……”


“Go…… good.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s good for it to hurt.”

At Aris’s words, Evan hugged her and muffled her voice and laughed softly.

As if Aris had relaxed a bit, she hugged him tightly.

“Wrap your legs on your back.”

“Like, like this”

Aris wraps her legs awkwardly, but Evan’s insertion deepens as she tightens her body.

“Ah… … !!”

As if it was a signal, Evan started thrusting again.

With each bouncing of her waist, Aris’s voice gradually increased, and she unwittingly wrapped her legs more tightly, preventing Evan from taking out his cock.

Reluctantly, Evan pressed short and hard inside Aris’ depths.

Aris, immersed in pleasure, cried out loud.

“Brother, brother!”

“Yes, Aris.”

“Ah, please, please, heuk!”

At her plea, Evan pushed her even further, and soon her vaginal walls fluctuated and grabbed Evan strongly.

And when Evan raised his back again, Aris finally reached a climax, writhing in pleasure.

“Haahk! Uhht, Brother…… !”

It was the first time.

What made her climax was a penis, not fingers.

Evan couldn’t stand it either, and dug deep inside her.

‘At last.’

He kissed Aris’s face, who was still in her climax, hugging her, who was trembling.

‘Lovely Aris, my lovely Aris’

As if something had happened, his pillar immediately received power and returned to its original form.

But Aris looked at Evan with shaky eyes and shook her head.


Aris didn’t know that whenever she called him Brother Evan, his cock would react even more.

Had she known she wouldn’t have done that.

Evan’s vacation was still several days away.

Her body, which had been tormented by the crazed pleasure she had felt for the first time in her life, was stretched out by the rushing drowsiness.

She blinked her eyes slowly, then trembled at her brother’s penis, which was growing in size inside her again.

“Bro, brother.”


“I want to sleep.”

Evan’s head instructed him not to listen to her and to dig deep within Aris, as he had just done before.

But Evan nodded his head as if reassuring her as he stroked Aris’s hair.

Evan had already managed to get her into his own hands, so he didn’t feel any rush.

He has tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and he still has a long way to go to be with her.

So, waiting for her to get used to it, he wanted to covet her day and night.

In his mind, after his vacation was over, he wanted to covet her in the carriage as he entered the palace, and covet her in the carriage as he left the palace.

‘Will Aris not want it.’

Evan smiled and leaned her back.

From between Aris’ legs, the evidence that he had poured himself mixed with her love juice and flowed out.


Seeing Aris blushing with embarrassment, his lower body strengthened even more, but he couldn’t push her on her first time today.

“Are you going to wash”

“I’m sleepy…… No, I’d rather wash.”

“I’ll get it ready.”

“Thank you.”

Evan casually pulled the rope and called her maid and instructed.

The maid looked at the Duke naked and his sister, but her expression did not change, and she withdrew.

Rather, it was Aris who was surprised.

“…… Can I just show her that”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s in the mansion.”

“Well, they won’t ask how I can do that.”

“You are wise.”

Evan kissed her over and over, along her slender waist and over her shoulder, as Aris looked cute.

“It tickles!”



“Get a good rest today.

I’m on vacation tomorrow too.”

“…… Take me to the bathroom.”

Evan got up lightly and lifted her up.

Then Aris staggered, and the love juice was dripping from between her legs.

“It’s difficult.”


Evan hugged her with a smile on his face.

He said so, but in reality, the only thing difficult in the room was the blushing Aris.

Evan just smiled quietly, hoping the younger brother Leon would find the traces he left behind.


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