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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (1)

Aris almost stopped breathing because of Evan who suddenly came in.

But she managed to come to his senses and answer.

“…… I just woke up.”

“I don’t really care.”

Aris needed time to prepare her mind.

But Evan has been seducing her with a force that seems to want to lay her down right now.

“I’ll wash up first.”

“It’s okay not to wash.”

He pulled her hand away and placed his mouth on her wrist.

“Eat some breakfast.”

“…… It’s already past noon.”

“Then lunch.”


It can’t be skipped.

It will be a big deal if your health gets worse.”

Fortunately, Evan ordered the maid, who was waiting outside her, to prepare her breakfast.

And he waited for Aris to make brief preparations before he escorted Aris into the dining room.

Aris was satisfied when she saw the breakfast menu made up of her favorite menu, but she was not in the mood to appreciate the taste of the food she put in her mouth.

Even while she was eating, her head was confused with many worries.

‘Should I eat this quickly or should I eat it slowly I was worried that if I ate quickly, it was obvious I was looking forward to it, and if I ate slowly, I would be mistaken for not wanting to do it.

I shouldn’t have said I want to have breakfast!’

‘I heard it was very painful at first…… Would Brother Evan get scared and run away if I scream ‘Uhk!’

Still, she was able to finish the meal neatly and elegantly without blemishes due to her lifestyle.

When she had finished eating all of her meals, Evan reached out his hand to Aris.

“Shall we go to the room”

“My room or Brother’s room”

“If you go to my room…… I don’t think you’ll be able to get out of the room today.

Will you be okay”

Aris blushed at her brother’s words that she couldn’t get out of his room.

Even if it wasn’t for Evan’s warning, she would be rumored to be the little sister who didn’t come out of her brother’s bedroom.

‘Of course, my brother makes sure the employees are cracked down, so it doesn’t leak out of the house, but…….’

How can a person’s work be perfect

Besides, Leon isn’t at home now because he’s in the palace, but when he gets back he’ll think it’s weird.

So, it was safe to be in her room, not her brother’s, just in case something happened.

‘But it seems that Leon also has a heart to do something with me…… I do not know.

He can change his mind and play outside with a courtesan.’

Considering Leon’s usual behavior, it seemed that when he asked her to wait for tonight, it was just a moment’s entertainment.

Leon, who thinks of courtesans as a substitute for Aris, would have jumped at her if he heard it.

But it’s true that he held a courtesan last night, so he wouldn’t be too upset.

Whatever it was, there was no way that Leon, who was faithfully carrying out the orders he had received from the Emperor to train soldiers to expand the border area, could have known.

“Then, I think we better go to…… my room.”

Evan smiled with an innocent-looking face, by Aris’ standards, and held out his hand.

There were countless times when her brother escorted her to her room.

From a young age, he had taken good care of her.

‘It’s true, I didn’t know that my brother would take care of these things.’

As usual, she grabbed Evan’s hand and walked to her room before she knew it.

Normally, she would have come into her room and said thank you for taking me, but…… she has now entered the room with him.


The door closed behind Evan’s back.

Aris’ eyes, who had been watching the door closing, turned to Evan.

Contrary to the usual, Evan’s eyes met her, and didn’t seem to have a single inch of hesitation.

“The ring.

It suits you well.”

“Ah, ah.

Would Brother like to try it on too”


She was so nervous that she threw away everything.

No matter how thin and long her brother’s hand was, it was not enough to fit a woman’s ring.

As Evan laughed, Aris thought about this and that before she went to bed.

“If the day comes when you won’t have to wear it on your fingers, then I’ll think about it.”

“Then don’t.”

She didn’t want to unnecessarily be the talk of other people’s mouths.

And she didn’t want to find a husband in a hurry, under the Duchy’s influence before her stomach was full.

“I will never take the ring off.”

“Then, does that mean it’s okay to do it inside”


Of course, as long as she was wearing the ring, she won’t get pregnant if he does it inside, but… ….


Is it okay

No matter how much she thought of him as a gigolo, is it okay to sleep with her brother

“I think so.”

Evan smiled happily and kissed Aris’s lips.

Her face turned red in surprise at the sudden kiss.

Because in her head, it was established that kissing would be the start of everything.

‘Oh, is it the start! I’m, I’m finally becoming an adult! Once, only once.

It’ll be fine as long as other people don’t find out…… right Because my brother said it was okay too’

Ari’s face blushed, and she grabbed Evan’s waist with both her hands.

And while her hands were trembling, she lifted her head and closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Evan didn’t even have time to think about what she was doing, and he instinctively placed his hand on the back of her neck and kissed her.

This meant that Aris, who raised her head and closed her eyes, was asking him to kiss her lips, right.

Evan could not have imagined how good it would be, and he could not hold onto his reason.

But when he saw Aris with her mouth shut because she was so nervous, a laugh came out.

Their breath was close enough to mix, he called out her name softly.


As Aris shook her closed eyes, she opened them very slowly.

“Don’t be too nervous.”

“…… How can I not be nervous”

“Hmm, what to do”

Evan put Aris in his arms and he rested his chin on her shoulder.

“What to do”

He held her waist in his arms and walked forward little by little, swaying her from side to side.

Little by little.


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