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“Ahhk! Leon!”

“Don’t stop holding that hand, Sister.”

As if obeying Leon’s command, Aris continued to move without stopping her hand that was rolling her clitoris.

Then she felt that she was gradually approaching her climax.

A little, a little more, and she’ll come.


But it was quicker for Leon, who had been pushed to his limits, to see his older sister masturbating while rubbing her breasts on her own, exhaling and cumming on her own, to reach his climax than Aris.




“Uhh, Leon.”

Leon could not be satisfied with only cumming once.

What does it mean, masturbating! It had been a really long time since he had masturbated.

Even in his teenage years, Leon had already been brazenly mingling around with courtesans, he can’t believe he is masturbating now.

“…… sister”

However, his older sister’s condition was a little different.

She looked a bit nervous.

Leon immediately found out the cause.

‘Is it because I said, ‘Until I cum’

It was correct.

So Aris who was about to climax herself, but couldn’t do more with Leonhardt in front of her, who had already finished masturbating.

She couldn’t even masturbate by pressing on her clitoris.

“Why, what’s up”

Aris felt like her feelings had been caught, so she couldn’t make eye contact with him.

Rather, Leon was convinced by her reaction.

“Can you help me a little more”

“Do more”

Leon almost laughed a little at the reaction that seemed to have waited.

Oh, there should have been a Bloody Red.

If he had, this cute little sister would already have her brain limp at pleasure without even thinking.

“As you know, I was not satisfied with this.”


“Is it okay if I don’t put it in”

“If not, maybe”

If he doesn’t put it in, there’s no danger of getting pregnant, so Aris nodded her head.

Of course, she wouldn’t get pregnant if he didn’t do it, but somehow, it felt like she had crossed the last line and felt a sense of rejection.

‘He’s still my young brother.’

When Aris’s answer came, Leon grabbed her body, and laid her on the bed.

He drenched his own cock with the love fluid from her vagina.

And he grabbed Aris’s two white legs together and shoved his cock between her clasped thighs.

“What are you doing, huhk!”

Before Aris could even comprehend what she was experiencing for the first time, the glans, which Leon had pushed in, touched her clitoris, and a delightful sigh escaped from Aris’s mouth.

They didn’t even join their bodies, but it felt like she was joining them.

Leon filled his body with strength and tensed.

It’s because he felt Aris’s soft and warm touch as he pushed his cock in, it felt better than he had imagined.

It wasn’t the first time he had sex, and the number of insertions he did was countless.

But aren’t courtesans and Aristasia different

It wasn’t like he was violating her with inserting it, but his pride wouldn’t allow him to come right away.

Moreover, it was only her thighs.

But damn it, Aristasia Verdick, her thighs alone were enough to drive him crazy.

“I’ll move.”

Leon clasped her legs with one hand and grabbed her waist with the other.

His lower back, which began to move slowly, rubbed against the clitoris, giving her a strange feeling.

The waist shook as if it was actually inserted, the pleasure transmitted through the clitoris, and even the sound of flesh hitting each other.

“Uhh, Leon… … .”

“Haa, Sister.

You don’t know how much I’m holding back now.”

Even though her thighs alone were this much, he couldn’t imagine what it would be like inside of her.

That’s why Leon wanted to spread Aris’s legs that he was holding, and put his own cock in it without remorse.

To the extent that it doesn’t matter how much his older sister shouts that she doesn’t want it, whether she is pregnant or not.

‘No, it would be better for Sister to have my child.’

Before Evanstein took her away, if she could have his own child and he could completely own Aris.

But he knew very well that he wouldn’t be able to have Aris even if he did.

If it was his older brother, Evanstein Verdick, then even if Aris were pregnant with his own child, he would take her without any hesitation.

Of course that’s the story when she wants a child, and if she doesn’t want to see it he’ll put it somewhere.

Until she says she wants to see the child.

So having children was not the answer.

In the process, he could have been abandoned by Aris for nothing.

“Haa, it’s not enough.

I want to put it in.”

Aris was very unfamiliar with Leon’s appearance that she was seeing today.

In her immature childhood, she thought that he was a cute little brother who she quarreled a lot with but listened to her very well.

Even though it had dissipated a lot since they grew up, she can’t believe he was showing his desire for her like this.

He was mumbling curses through his teeth one after another, but she doesn’t want him to put it in.

‘Leon made me climax several times before, but…….’

In addition, the pleasure, which kept coming up from below, made Aris decide.

She lifted one of her hands and placed her hand on Leon’s thick cock, which slid long between his thighs and floated over his stomach.

And just like what her older brother Evan did a few days ago, Aris gripped his pillar.

Just like her older brother’s, it was so thick that she couldn’t fit it all in one hand.

‘…… Maybe I could get it all in one hand’


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