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“Not without the ring.”

Aris answered firmly.

Being pregnant, it was ridiculous.

Perhaps as soon as it is revealed that she is pregnant with her younger brother’s child, she will be kicked out of the house penniless.

Aris took it for granted as well.

‘In such a situation, the father of the child is Leonhard Verdick’

When she thinks back to Leonhard Verdick’s female history, he would abandon Aris and go to another woman, and a future in which she alone would struggle to raise her child was pictured.

Besides, Aristasia Verdick, the only Lady in the Verdick family, and Leonhard Verdick, the continent’s best sword master and even the commander of the Imperial Knights, and Aris’ younger brother, will marry after having a child

The people won’t stop talking.

‘Even if the sky turns upside down, I don’t want to marry Leon.’

It’s a husband who plays with courtesans every day.

As usual, Aris could not understand the ladies who admired Leon and took him seriously as a bachelor.

‘Looks like, after all, I can’t do it today…….’

When she finally thought she could have sex this time, it flew away.

Leon made an unexpected offer to Aris, who was filled with disappointment.

“Then can you do it for me with your hands No, I’ll just do it while watching you.”

“…… watching me”

Leon nodded his head, came down from above her, and stood on the bed with his knees in front of Aris.

Aris didn’t let her gaze down from Leon, so she leaned against the head of the bed and sat down.

Leon caught Aris’ image, from the tip of her head to the tip of her toes.

The silver-gray hair that fell down to her waist, the red skin dyed from the lust, her luscious breasts, and her purple eyes looking at him.

“Is this your first time seeing someone else do it”

“That, that’s right.”

Besides, he can hear her breathing in his ears.

“Haa, sister.”


“Next time, I will prepare a ring.”

“Ri, right.”

Leon quickly grabbed his cock and shook its head, and Aris replied roughly.

A transparent liquid was flowing out from the glans of the penis Leon was holding with that big hand.

Aris swallowed her saliva unknowingly, and, apparently, even though she had climaxed several times from Leon a while ago, somehow she felt a tickle between her legs.

And Leon heard her swallow her saliva, saw the hazy expression on her face, and noticed the smell of her love liquid flowing out again.

“Sister, are you going to just watch”

“Then, what”

At Leon’s question, Aris’ gaze, fixed on his penis, turned to his face.

It was strange to see him sweating and sighing, but she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Why don’t you show me what Sister is doing too”


Aris was embarrassed and terribly surprised.

You want me to show you what I did secretly at night, covered with a blanket and that no one knows about!

“Sister, please.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“I’m doing it right now too.”

“It is, but…….”

“Just until I came.

My sister came, but I couldn’t even cum.”

Leonhardt pretended to be as pitiful as possible.

And he asked Aris to ‘help’ him.

Think of it as helping her poor little brother, not for the sake of pleasure.

To make it easier to rationalize.

Not knowing that it was all calculated.

“Wait, wait a minute”

“All right.”

Eventually, when the words of permission fell from Aris’s mouth, Leon smiled deeply.

Aris was sitting upright at an angle on his knees, with her legs slightly apart and her hands between them.

“Isn’t it uncomfortable”

“Well, then what should I do”

Leon was also on the bed, so it was embarrassing to lie down as usual.

Leon lifted Aris directly and sat her comfortably, then spread her legs apart.

“Somehow, this is more embarrassing…….”

“It’s okay.

Do you want me to do it”

Leon, who said that was not shy at all, but Aris wanted to hide in a mouse hole when her vagina was exposed.

But even while she was embarrassed, Leon started masturbating again, scanning her thoroughly.

As soon as the mood heated up, Aris too pretended not to win, shoved her hand between her spread legs, and gently rolled the clitoris like Leon did.

“Haa, Sister.

I’m going crazy.”

“Uhk, Leon.”

Obviously, until yesterday, when she was alone, it wasn’t very impressive, maybe it was because of being seen by others, or maybe it was because Leon took off his shirt and shook himself right in front of her, or maybe it was because she had tasted the climax a while ago.

She didn’t know, but her body heated up quickly.

“Huhk, good.”

“Sister, what are you doing with your left hand It would be better if you touched your breast with that hand.”

Aris awkwardly rubbed her chest at Leon’s words.

Rather, Leon, who was moved by that figure, stretched out his free hand and twisted Aris’ nipple.


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