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Aris trembled at the pleasure she received from Leon, buried her face in his shoulder and panted.

Feeling that her climax was coming to her, Leon repeated it several times in a row that Aris has to suffer without being able to breathe properly.

“Hahk, th, this now, stop, please.”

“A little more.”

“I, I came already.”

“I know, Sister.”

As if she did well, Leon kissed Aris’s forehead and wiped her sweat-drenched hair.

Aris’s face was dyed even redder by her younger brother’s natural touch as if he was treating her like a lover.

Aris, who was shy at a mere kiss when he had done something even worse, really felt like he was a lover and her heart was pounding.

“Huh, uhhhk!”

Aris reached the climax again and, unable to bear it, shouted out loud.

Leonhard, unable to bear the sound of her breathing in his ears any longer, got up.

Aris, who was struggling with her continued climax, thought that Leon had raised his body and that her body had now become free.

She took rough breaths and cleared her throat.

Leon took his hand from between her legs.

At that moment, the milky liquid flowing down between her legs shattered his self-control in an instant.


Leon, who spread apart her legs, raised his hand to show her.

Leon’s hands were wet, showing how much she felt it.

“Can you see this”

At Leonhardt’s words, as if making fun of her, Aris glanced at him.

Leon smiled and licked what was on his hand.

“Why, why are you eating it!”

“Isn’t it okay to eat what is on my hand A while ago, I buried my face between Sister’s legs and ate it.

You didn’t say anything back then.”

“Th, that’s!”

“Then, when I want to eat from now on, I will crawl between Sister’s legs.”

“This, thi……”

It felt so good that Aris couldn’t bear to say no, and Leon raised the corners of his lips with satisfaction, secretly promising the next time.

As Aris’s harsh breathing subsided, Leon gently stroked Aris from her chest to her waist with a soft but intentional hand.

“Can I put it in”

He asked, but Leon had already loosened his belt and pulled out his cock.

Aris had touched Evan’s, and she had predicted its size.

But when she actually saw Leon’s, she couldn’t hide her surprise.

That ferocious, reddish look.

Leon looked at Aris and gently rubbed his cock with one hand.

Aris couldn’t take her eyes off of him and thinking that she was looking too intently at him, she hurriedly turned her gaze away.

“Did you see it all”

“…… Yes.”

His sister who was this shy was so cute.

There wasn’t just one or two things he wanted to tell her in the future.

He intends to give her the highest level of pleasure by mobilizing all the experiences that he has accumulated so far.

Leon pretended to be relaxed, grabbing his cock and rubbing it around the entrance to her vagina, dipping his love liquid into his glans.

Every time his glans brushed against her clitoris, Aris’ back shook.

Aris, who was watching him, called him softly.



Leon smiled mischievously because Aris was cute, and teased her as if he was going to put it in right away.

But at Aris’s next words, his body stiffened.

“The ring”

“…… Doesn’t Sister have it”

“Why do I have it Wasn’t that what you were supposed to be carrying around”

Leon barely swallowed the curse that was about to come out of his mouth.

For contraception, women had to wear a ring made of jewels, commonly known as bloody red.

He had never thought of it because the courtesans that Leon met were always wearing it, and Aris thought that the gigolo would of course prepare it.

“You don’t have it”


Just ha…….”

Leon saw Aris’s rotting expression and quickly changed his words.

“Of course I think it’s absurd.”

“Of course.

No way.”

When Aris finally gave up and tried to get her body up, Leonhardt quickly shook his head.

He had to somehow work out his exploding cock now.

However, if he looked back at Aris’s expression just now, it would seem that his cock would not explode, but would lose its strength and die.

“Sister, are you just going to make me like this”

“Then what should I do What if I get pregnant”

You can give birth to them!

He wanted to persuade her to go to another country and ask for permission to get married.

After all, he was the best sword master on the continent, so there were many places to go.

All he had to do was go there and introduce Aris as his fiance, not his sister.

That much was enough for the king to overlook it.

Leonhardt was convinced that it could be easily obtained.

The sister, who he should first obtain consent from, seemed to have no intention of doing so.


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