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Aris wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced his lips.

When their lips finally broke, Aris said.

“Haa, Leon.

Do it one more time.”

At Aris’s request, Leon kissed her fiercely, as if he wouldn’t let go of the situation.

He did not hide his feelings of wanting to eat her at any moment.

In the end, Aris, who was short of breath, patted him on the back, and then he let her go.

“Sister, please tell me that you like that.”

“…… I like that you are being kind to me.”

“You know that I only do this when I want to look good to Sister.”

“How clever…….”

He had been hiding his feelings from Aris for ten years, so there is no excuse.

How much patience has he endured until he seized the opportunity he has now

Leon went down between her legs and placed her legs on his shoulders.

He couldn’t come to his senses because of Aris’ sweet smell that had been flowing from before.

Finally he stuck out his tongue and licked the source of the smell, which made him dizzy.


Since it was only the second time, Aris, who was not used to it, let out a moan without realizing it, and Leon moved as if it was a signal, licking all of her love liquid.

However, no matter how much he licked it, the blanket and the corners of Leon’s lips were wet with love liquid that continued to flow from deep inside.

“Huwang! Leon, Leon.”

“Yes, Sister.

It’s Leon.”

Her voice calling out his own name could not have been so sweet.

She couldn’t believe what she had only been imagining actually happened.

But Aris felt something was missing.

The pleasures keep coming over her, but the depths inside her are so empty.

Of course it felt good to have Leon lick her with his tongue, but the memories with her older brother a while ago made her feel even more tickled inside.

“Le, Leon.”


“Put it in…….”

He was just wondering as he saw Aristasia Verdick, who couldn’t even make eye contact with her reddish face, but the appearance of her calling out his name and asking him to put it in seemed like it would make him climax right away, so Leon bit his teeth.

To make sure his sister was ready, he put his fingers through the secret place that was hidden between her legs, and it was as cramped as expected.

If he puts his thing in this state, far from being immersed in pleasure, she may be hurt and never call him again.

‘…… Didn’t you do it with Older Brother’

No matter how narrow it was, it was too narrow.

Even so, he was puzzled because his older brother, who was born from the same stomach, couldn’t possibly be smaller than his own fingers.

Leon pondered what his sister had said.

She said she wanted to call gigolo because she was curious.

And she said it had failed because Older Brother was against it.

The traces from Older Brother remain, but the reason she tried to call gigolo.

‘You couldn’t go to the end with Older Brother.’

It wasn’t the first time for him either, so he thought that even if he couldn’t have Aris’ first time, he couldn’t help it.

He seemed to be intoxicated by the superiority of having his sister before his older brother, who hovered around his sister and looked for opportunities.

He will be her first and last.

Leon thought he wanted Aris to feel only as much pleasure as possible, even if it was her first time.

So that she would call him next time.

For that, he intensely focused on the places where her voice rose.

“Hahk, Leon, haaa…….”

“Yes, Sister.”

“Go, good.”

“Sister, don’t be like that.

Because I feel like I’m going crazy.”

Her vagina, where even one of his fingers encountered a lot of resistance, suddenly loosened up and she accepted two or three without difficulty.

Whenever Leon’s hand moved, the wet friction sound from below Aris filled the room.

“Sister, can you hear this”

“Ahhk, uhng, do, do more.”

Leon swallowed a curse inside.

He was amazed that Aristasia Verdick, who urges pleasure so much, existed in this world.

Leon clasped her thin waist with one arm and asked her to hold him in her hand that grabbed the bedsheet.

Aris gripped the sheet so tightly that her fingertips turned white, and carefully wrapped Leon with her arms.

Then his body, stronger and more stout than Older Brother, filled Aris’s field of vision.

It gave her the feeling that something was suffocating, but she was shaking for some reason, so Aris felt unfamiliar with the Leonhard Verdick she had never seen before.

“Huaa, huu…… Ahng! Ahk!”

Leon couldn’t be more happy when Aris shook her head and left fingernail marks on his shoulder.

Leon felt like going crazy when Aris unknowingly shook her back in pursuit of pleasure.

But he had to hold on to it.

He had to hold on tight, for later.

His numerous experiences were speaking to him.

Now was the time to hold on.

“Call my name, Sister.”

“Huuaaahhhk! Huu, Le, Leon, Leon!”


“Leon, Leon, Leon…….”

With her skin reddened by the heat, Aris called him while trembling and shaking from beneath him, distraught by the pleasures.

To Leon, her appearance was so lovely that it could not be compared with anything else.

Leon bent his fingers and pressed down on a spot hidden deep inside her, scraping her inner wall.


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