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It was when Leon came out of Aris’s room with a triumphant smile.

‘Even if it’s not tonight, I’ve been waiting for years already, but waiting for a few more days is nothing.

Still, I know that I am Older Sister’s taste, so now I have to start in earnest.’

First of all, he had to step back because his sister said she was taking a break today.

His abundant experience with women was telling Leon to step down now.

But his body was already reminiscent of her scent and body temperature.

Apparently, tonight was just not good enough for him.

He decided not to call courtesans to the mansion, so he decided to go to the store and somehow cool off this heat.

He needed to find a substitute for his sister.

Judging by the state of his body now, it seemed that one person could not solve it.

It seemed that two or three people could barely sink it.

Maybe that’s not enough.

‘Sister, you…….

Shall I close my eyes and go back to your room Oh, I want to put it in.’

He wanted to hold his real sister, not a substitute.

Leon was about to turn his body at the constant impulse that kept coming, even though he tried to resist, when he saw Evan walking from the other end of the hallway and had no choice but to stop.

“What is Older Brother doing here”

“Why are you leaving Aris’s room”

“Older Sister doesn’t look very good today, so I came to check it out.”

“Me too.”

Evan didn’t intend to say a word to Leon about Aris and what happened to her.

He just wanted to leave Leon quickly and go see Aris.

So he responded moderately and tried to kick him out.

“Then are you going to the ball now”


I’m resting at home today.”

But Leon stopped thinking about going out.

He couldn’t miss this great opportunity.

Aris with her heated up body.

Like his heart, he wanted to eat her in one bite, but Leonhard wanted to make good use of this opportunity to make Aris his own.

Like many women he spent the night with, he was confident that she would not miss it if she spent a night with him even once.

To that end, he quietly spent time at home for a while, trying to seize the opportunity.

“Okay, then go and rest.”

Evan passed Leon and tried to go to Aris’ room, but was immediately blocked by Leon.

“What are you doing”

“Older sister just fell asleep.”

Judging by the sounds of the breathing in her room, she did not sleep.

But he didn’t want to bring his Older Brother inside.

“Is she sleeping”


I came out because Older Sister was sleeping.

She was not feeling well, so let’s leave her to get some rest and have a drink.”

Aris, who sent Evan such a letter, was sleeping…….

One possibility came to Evan’s mind.

Could it be that Leon, who had gone before him, touched her

But looking at Leon’s reaction, it didn’t seem like that.

It’s a pity for Evan, but he thinks he can’t fulfill her wish today, so he decides to take a step back.

He has many more days to be with her.

“Yes, let’s do that.”

* * *

Aris was contemplating whether to call Leon or if she should go back to Brother Evan, but she could neither do this or that, and fell asleep only at dawn, and woke up late and finished a simple meal in her room.

‘My brother has already gone to the palace since it’s time to go to work, and Leon must be playing with a courtesan, right’

In this case, it is perfect for her to meet gigolo.

The circumstances were good, but there was no man to meet.

Just staying in the room would not create a man who didn’t exist.

She thought that if she dressed up pretty and looked around outside, she would be able to find at least one man of her taste.

‘Anyway, I have a lot of money and a lot of power, Brother Evan’s precious little sister, so it would be okay if the man I like was somewhat lacking in status or money.’

However, she didn’t realize that Evan had no intention of letting Aris’s chosen man go easily even if he had enough status, money, and everything.

As she pulled the rope to call the maid, she immediately heard a knock on the door.

“Older Sister, it’s me.”

Aris couldn’t help but be surprised to hear Leon’s voice, which she thought wouldn’t be at home.

Leon urged her when there was no response from her.

“Can I come in”

“Yes, come in.”

Leon came in in a slightly more comfortable outfit.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen you dressed like that.’

Aris turned her gaze and looked at her outfit as well.

After she woke up, she was still dressed the way she was yesterday, with no underwear on, only a gown, because she had done nothing other than eating a light meal in her room.

For some reason, she thought of last night’s Leon, and her face heated up.

A strong forearm that remained in her memory until dawn.

However, Aris, who grew up in a noble family, calmly hid her expression.

“I thought you were out.”

“I was at home today.”


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