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I m Too Strong To Be Immortal v2 Chapter 854: 10 Square Shelter

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In the gray and lonely place, in the center of the continent, a huge mountain that is comparable to the heavens stands tall.

This is the sacred mountain of Yujing. On the northwest side of the main hall lying on top of it, stands a whole-body purple-gold temple. It is covered with mysterious inscriptions, as well as vines, branches, leaves and gourds floating. Although it is spotless, it reveals infinite simplicity and simplicity meaning.

The gate of the temple is closed, and it has been a hundred years since the last time it was opened, a long time of one hundred trillion years.

Suddenly, an extremely dazzling purple-gold beam of light shot out from the temple, reaching the end of the sky, and the hot and terrifying aura spread out, causing all the spirits living on the mountain to tremble, all crawling on the ground, and shouting out that the Purple Emperor was relieved.

"This, this is..."

Xiao Zi woke up from her deep sleep, her wide eyes were full of surprise. This strong shock even washed away the traces of the vicissitudes of the years.

"Why is this! My child, the blood of my brother!

don't want! Do not-"

Bright Zitong was instantly covered with scarlet bloodshots, and Xiao Zi looked crazy, clutching his lower abdomen with both hands, but even if he tried his best, it was still in vain.

I saw that a group of purple-gold blood spheres shining white light slowly floated out of the lower abdomen with unstoppable power. It seemed to be slow, but it was firm. Xiaozi blocked it with all kinds of magical powers, and it was broken by a touch. .

The blood sphere pierced through the void, pierced through the temple, and turned into a river of light and shot into the distance.

"Unforgivable! Unforgivable! Whoever you are—"

Xiao Zi's expression was terrifyingly gloomy, her aura was frantic, and she seemed to run wild. The blood in her belly was something she cherished immensely, and it was even more important than her own life.


The temple collapsed, and the golden purple light infected half of the sky, and the anger contained in it could be clearly sensed by any creature.

"What happened!"

"Xiao Zi she..."

"There is an invasion by foreign enemies! Quickly go to support Lord Zihuang!"

The change in the Supreme Holy Land awakened the strong men in Bai Yujing, and many figures with terrifying breath stepped on the long river of information, followed closely behind the torrent of purple light, and galloped away.

"Xiaoyuan, your mother is here to pick you up."


Xiao Baiyuan looked surprised, looking forward to it, and was a little uneasy. He didn't know how much commotion he had made with his appearance, which caused the hegemony of the gray and quiet land to shake up and down, and the affiliated holy places were even more silent, for fear of a catastrophe. imminent.


The purple-gold blood river lingering with white light shot out from the sky and sank straight into Xiao Baiyuan's eyebrows.

Before this, Xiao Baiyuan should probably be called a person in the previous life, and there is a gap between heaven and earth, but now, he is a complete being in this world.

"Big brother It's you..."

The moment Xiao Zi saw Bai Donglin, she instantly woke up from her rage, her mouth deflated and she almost cried, thinking that Bai Donglin had withdrawn the blood in her abdomen.

"Sir Mother! Is it really you"

Xiao Baiyuan didn't have the complicated thoughts of adults. His instinct and blood sense told him that the woman in front of him was his mother.

really! The father didn't lie to him, the mother was really still alive, and when she was excited, she moved and jumped directly.


"You, what did you call me"

Xiao Zi was completely stunned, her mind still awake from the confusion, she suddenly felt a boundless terror, and the same source of power as her, gushing from the body of the child in her arms and directly into her source.

Xiao Zi, took back the power of the previous life, and returned to the realm of "vortex mimicry and detachment"!

"Child, you are my child, Bai Yuan! Woohoo-"

The broken memories of the previous life, sporadically, also manifested in the power of the eddy current. They were merged by Xiao Zi and suddenly understood everything.

All kinds of thoughts rushed into my heart, and I couldn't help but whimper in a low voice.

"Okay, let's all go back!"

His own family affairs, let outsiders onlookers is nothing, Bai Donglin shook his head, raised his hand and waved, those other existences hidden in the information, involuntarily manifested their bodies.

Recognizing Bai Donglin's identity, they all froze and bowed in salute.

"I've seen the mountain master, the master of grayness!"

"We retire!"

Most of the people were very sensible and left without asking any further questions. A small number of people stayed behind. They were all close to Bai Donglin.

Above the sky, there are four graceful figures standing side by side, with a myriad of manners, all of them are peerless elegance, and their breath is extremely powerful, faintly connected, and independent.

The woman in the green dress, also known as Little Green, the Heart of Dimension, frowned and said sadly, "Sister, are we losing"

Lian Xin heard the words, her eyes dimmed, as if it contained endless bitterness, and she looked at Bai Donglin below with resentment, and she couldn't let go.

"I don't know, I respect the choice of the younger brother, as long as the younger brother is happy..."

"elder sister!


"Humph! You are too soft-hearted and too kind, otherwise how could we be preempted by this crazy girl like Xiao Zi"

Jiuyao looked dissatisfied. Her feelings for Bai Donglin were more of her admiration for the strong, and her own personality was also more aggressive, so her words were more aggressive.

"Hey, speaking of it, it's all my fault."

Tianluo has a bitter expression on her face, and it can be said that Xiaozi has a close relationship with her.

At the beginning, in the peripheral test of the Wandering Emperor's inheritance, wasn't she the one who handed Xiao Zi, who was still in seed form, to Bai Donglin as a reward

"Go back."

Lian Xin felt her eyes were sore, she didn't want to stay longer, and she didn't want to go down to disturb the family reunion, so she turned around and left.

Xiao Zi won, won this war between women, like a triumphant general on the battlefield, holding her small head high, but looking at Lian Xin's lonely back when she left, for some reason, a trace of unbearable flashed in her heart.

The two are enemies in love, but as women who follow Bai Donglin's back, they are the only ones who understand the pain and sorrow, and it can be said that they sympathize with each other.

"Brother, you, don't you go and have a look"

"Well, let's talk about it, I still have work to do."

Bai Donglin shook his head. He didn't want to delay the love of these children. Anyway, with Xiao Zi, he no longer had any resistance to this matter.

"Are you leaving again"

Xiao Zi's expression became tense, and she didn't know what her eldest brother was busy with. Shenlong saw the beginning and the end, and once disappeared, it would be a million billion years. Hearing that there was something to do, she couldn't help but have some conditioned reflexes.

"No, this time I will stay in the gray and quiet place for a long, long time."

Controlling the source point must be a huge project, and it takes a little time. At the same time, he has to devote himself to it and cannot be disturbed by the outside world. Therefore, before starting the retreat, he must deal with many trivial matters.

"Infinite, Source Point Logic, Ten Directions Shelter!


When I thought about it, I was shocked.

In the depths of Bai Donglin's eyes, a pure white vortex flashed, whispering in a low voice, and a faint white light emerged out of thin air, wrapping the entire gray and silent place, infecting everything.

Xiao Zi, who is near Chi Chi, has achieved the mighty power of pseudo-transcendence, but she has not noticed the changes in the world at all, just because the gap between realms is too great, this is the magical power of logic.

The war with the black disaster has fully erupted, and it will soon spread from the level of the detached to the lower level. At that time, as far as the eye can see, all the heavens will be involved in the war.

With his logic asylum, the land of grayness is unbreakable, and will be the safest rear of all spirits. It can attack and retreat and defend. Only after the original black light achieves logic, can he be able to break his methods.

Of course, he wouldn't let this happen, and at all costs, he had to control the source first.

"It's been a long time since I went home to take a look."

Bai Donglin sighed in a low voice. Naturally, the home here is not the Blue Star in his previous life, which had long been destroyed by the confrontation of Shenguang, but it refers to the Bai family in the only real world, the starting point of his rebirth.

While speaking, Bai Donglin paced towards Yujing Sacred Mountain. In the dimension of nothingness above the top of the mountain, in the invisible space and time, there was an incomparably huge round sphere, which was the only real thing after the crazy growth and expansion. boundary.

At this time, the prototype of the heavens and the world is already faint.

"Baiyujing ministries, obey orders!"

Bai Donglin's expression was stern, and his voice was full of supreme majesty. With a wave of his hand, countless information stars scattered across the void and fell into the eyebrows of everyone.

The twelve masters of Baiyujing, the five city masters, after long years of development, have all become giants that can make the heavens tremble. Countless powerhouses among them are all bowing to their orders at this moment, carefully comprehending the highest decree in the information light spot.

"Wait! Follow the order—"

The mighty voices are filled with the breath of the other side, and there is only this level of existence, barely qualified to listen to Bai Donglin's instructions.

Today's Bai Yujing is no less than the existence of the most powerful forces in the sky, such as the Time and Space Administration, the Court of Life, and the Sword Holder. The reason why it can develop so quickly, without him, is only because it is backed by a gray and lonely place.

With this treasure in hand, I don't know how many strong, hegemonic forces, crying and shouting, scrambling to join Bai Yujing's command.


Bai Donglin nodded, then stepped towards the only real world, Xiao Zi hugged Bai Yuan and followed him, like a sticky spirit.

He didn't say too many secrets in the decree, but just informed the coming of the catastrophe, warned all races, and prepared early, it is best to start first.


Bai Donglin stopped in front of the boundary wall and looked back, his eyes crossed the dimensions of time and space. Trembling affection.

"Senior Sister Lianxin, that's all, that's all..."

Bai Donglin's heart softened, but he still did not use his magical powers to peep into the fate and future of those close to him.

Even so, he felt something in his heart. If he went to retreat here, his lonely pity would definitely not survive the erosion of time and die under the collapse of consciousness.

Thinking of this, Bai Donglin moved his thoughts to release the bloodline blockade. The next moment, the breath of new life appeared in Lianxin's lower abdomen. It was extremely powerful and vigorous, and there were two different fluctuations of consciousness.

"Senior brother!


Lian Xin felt all this, her palm tremblingly pressed to her lower abdomen, and hot tears welled up in her eyes.

"Senior sister, live well and take care of our children."

After all, Bai Donglin stepped over the boundary wall without looking back. Xiao Zi on the side was stunned for a moment, and then showed a look of relief. Instead of following into the only real world, he stepped out one step at a time, with a smiling face appearing in Lian. before the mind and body.

"I am my wife, you are my concubine!"

The tone is domineering, and there is indeed some purple emperor style.

"Little Zi sister, you know, junior brother is most disgusted by the distinction between superior and inferior, and my sister advises you not to mention it in the future."

Lian Xin changed from her weakness in the past, she didn't lift her head when she spoke, just caressed her lower abdomen with kindness on her face, maybe, this is just being a mother.


Xiao Zi opened her mouth, but did not refute, the big brother is indeed such a person.

"Mother, do I have a sister"

"Yeah! Xiaoyuan swears that he will protect the two sisters, and no one can bully them!"

Bai Yuan raised the small fist that could smash the other side to death. Although his voice was immature, he was extremely firm, not like childish words.-

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