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Zhou Feng's face was a little surprised, but he didn't expect this plate of Huangding to have a secret

A medicinal fragrance continued to diffuse out.

The precious blood and elephant meat inside were condensed crazily, and the golden luck of the emperor was borrowed.

This Dingbao elephant meat has become crystal clear and bright.

The smell began to spread, and he couldn't help but grabbed a piece of meat.

Stuffed into the mouth, Jinjin Yuye began to secrete continuously.

"It's delicious! This..."

As soon as he took a sip, he felt as if his whole body had soared.

A wave of energy was constantly rushing through his body, and the acupoints in the body also began to absorb the essence of the treasured flesh.


You dare to eat my body, how dare you! "

"You can't escape, this is the territory of the supreme Buddha country, you can't escape."

Suddenly, the voice of the white elephant began to ring in his ears.

"Supreme Buddha Country This voice is..."

Zhou Feng frowned slightly, the spirit of the white elephant had escaped, but it was still able to transmit its voice here.

In what way is this

Although he obtained some memories of Zhongzhou, there was no information about Mahayana Buddhism in these memories at all.

Not to mention anything like the Supreme Buddha Kingdom.

All he knew was that he had come to an unfamiliar place.

Moreover, there has always been a force of will in the vicinity, and the spiritual energy and the force of will seem to have been intertwined in this place.

Zhou Feng had just absorbed a huge amount of spiritual energy, which contained a lot of Buddhist vows.

This is also the reason why the white elephant just wanted to save him on the spot.

Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to forcibly reform a cultivator.

It was because Zhou Feng contained a trace of willpower in his body that the white elephant wanted to forcibly save him.


Zhou Feng gulps down the white elephant meat.

The threatening words of the white elephant before were directly thrown into the back of his mind.

His appetite was greatly satisfied, the body of the white elephant matched the medicinal fragrance of Pan Huang Ding, and his blood was tumbling as he ate it.

When the blood was surging, he used the feathering method again to separate the flesh and the soul.

Then transform his own body, and the longevity substance constantly fills the gap.

Divine soul is to devour the will power contained in the flesh.

Suddenly, the gluttony passive triggers suddenly.

The blood energy has broken through the upper limit, and the soul has become perfect.

"Bullying passive"

Zhou Feng was a little surprised, the gluttony passive should be regarded as the first passives he obtained.

Although he has undergone an evolution, this passive is almost forgotten by him.

Mainly because with the improvement of the cultivation base, the gain provided by gluttony passively is really a little less.

A little bit or two of the increase in qi and blood can be ignored at all.

Like the gluttony passive, some passives that were useful at first became dispensable.

Bone Plating, Poison Immunity, Night Watch, and more.

These passives are completely negligible, but what I didn't expect is that this gluttony passive can still work.

Thinking of this, Zhou Feng glanced at the skill panel.

It was found that after killing the white elephant, the progress bar on the skill panel was full again.

It's full so quickly

Is it because the white elephant has great luck Or because of something else.


Various thoughts circulated in Zhou Feng's heart.

"Successful extraction!"

"Gluttony passively disappears..."

Gluttony passive disappeared

He was a little surprised, could it be possible for the passive to disappear

But soon, he understood what was going on.

Gluttony Instinct: Greedy appetite will drive you, and you will have part of the ability of gluttony.

The gluttony passive disappears, and instead becomes a brand new passive.

"Taotie's ability"

Zhou Feng only felt a sense of hunger surging up.

After all, he divided the whole white elephant and threw them all into the Pan Huang Ding.

The fragrance of the medicine became stronger and stronger, and the colorful precious blood shone with a different kind of brilliance at this time.

After another mouthful of white elephant meat, his body began to change a little bit.

At the same time, some broken Buddhist scriptures flooded into my heart.

Devour everything, take it for your own use!

This is the instinct of gluttonous, no matter what gluttonous can directly swallow.

And what you devour is turned into the nutrients you need.

Now Zhou Feng has this ability. After swallowing the white elephant, there is a chance to obtain the physique or supernatural power of the white elephant.

Then he can make a choice, stay if he needs it, and turn what he doesn't need into the most primitive nourishment.

The gluttons in history basically turned everything they devoured into nutrients to improve their phagocytosis.

But Zhou Feng can choose another way, that is to strip off the magical powers and use it for himself.


"Isn't this able to forcefully learn other people's natal supernatural powers"

The first thing that came to his mind was to learn the magical powers of other people.

eat human Isn't this the proper way to eat people

After possessing the gluttonous instinct, he can completely devour those monks with special physique.

"No! Unhappy! It's boring!"

Zhou Feng quickly abandoned the cannibalism, because doing so would make him uncomfortable.

Divine beasts and beasts are eaten, but eating people is almost meaningless.

This will make him unhappy, a thousand dollars is hard to buy, I want it, there is absolutely no need for him to do this~www.novelhall.com~ Soon, he turned his attention to the natal supernatural power that Baixiang came with.

Through the gluttonous instinct, he realized a incomplete magical power.

This magical power is called Zhenxie!

Why Zhenxie It is to suppress all evil things.

As the sacred beast of Mahayana Buddhism, the white elephant is born with the magical power to suppress evil, and any evil spirit will be naturally suppressed when facing the white elephant.

And how do you define demons

Very simple, as long as it is my enemy is the devil.

This magical power is so simple and rude, it directly suppresses the enemy.

"No wonder I always felt uncomfortable just now."

Zhou Feng understood now. When he killed the white elephant just now, he always felt that a force was suppressing him.

It's just that he was a little too rough just now, and he forcibly beheaded the white elephant.

"Good magic! You can learn it!"

He is naturally very satisfied with this magical power.

Naturally, it can suppress opponents and automatically turn them into demons. Isnt this automatically standing on the high ground of morality

Such magical powers are naturally learned.

Although it is only a broken magical power, it is still a very simple thing for him to complete it by himself.

After eating and drinking enough, Zhou Feng's spirit returned to his physical body, and the method of ascension seemed to have improved a little.

He doesn't plan to leave this place now.

Because he wants to understand the so-called Mahayana Buddhism, and also wants to know what is called the Supreme Buddha Land.

Entering Zhongzhou, Zhou Feng was ready to fight all the way.

The mentality of going with the heart made him not want to escape. He wanted to try how strong his life-saving ability was.

He also has to see what realm is above the feathering realm.

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