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The Duke’s coat pocket was stretched open, and a round, fluffy head emerged.

A little cutie suddenly appeared.

Tu Mianmian exposed half of his small head, and carefully looked left and right.

His eyes were big and round, and the way he was poking his little head out looked too cute.

Everyone took a deep breath involuntarily.

Someone in the conference room couldn’t help but blurt out: “F**k!”

“…” Sivir, who was speaking on the stage, paused.

The Duke raised his eyes to look at the person who suddenly made a sound, called out his name accurately, and said indifferently, “Do you have an opinion”

The named officer froze.

Everyone in the conference room felt a chill creeping up upon them.

Tu Mianmian was sensitive and keenly aware of the murderous aura in the room, so with a ‘whoosh’ he shrank back and very obediently laid in the Duke’s pocket, pretending to be dead.

“No, no…” The officer apologized quickly as he broke out in cold sweat, “His Royal Highness, it’s me who lost my demeanor.

I’m very sorry.”


Different from the gentle appearance shown in front of Tu Mianmian, Sivir in the military was fierce and decisive, paying great attention to military discipline.

Many people feared the power belonging to His Royal Highness the Duke.

Having offended the Duke, the officer was naturally nervous.

“Ah.” Sivir stared at the officer for a moment, then nodded slightly, indicating that he was done with him.

Sivir wasn’t unaware of the movement in his pocket.

Presumably, everyone who became distracted in the conference room and the mistake made by the officer had something to do with Mianmian Rabbit in his pocket.

When Sivir’s hand fell to his side again, he bent his fingers and tapped the bulging mass in his pocket.

His fingers hit Mianmian Rabbit’s fleshy bottom, as if to tell his little husband to take it easy and that he’ll be free and fine to move soon.

Then, the Duke began to narrate the battle report again.

He didn’t show it on his face, but in his actions, one could see the determination of the Duke to end his speech quickly.

The subsequent speech was simplified a lot by Sivir, and everything was concisely reported with the battle losses and the distribution of military exploits stated one by one.

Tu Mianmian, lying quietly in Sivir’s pocket, pricked up his ears and listened, but found that he still didn’t understand anything.

Lying in Sivir’s pocket bored, he stretched out his front paws and rubbed the fur on his cheeks with his paw pads, and then stayed still.

After a while, Mianmian Rabbit, who was in a daze, started to crawl out of the pocket again.

If you do it once, you’ll do it again.

This time, Tu Mianmian escaped from prison very skillfully.

He started to crawl out lightly and cautiously, trying not to disturb the Duke as much as possible.

When he was about to climb out of the pocket, Mianmian Rabbit stopped.

He felt it keenly, the feeling of a scorching gaze stuck on him, so he listened again, but he didn’t hear any strange movement outside, so he continued to climb out with confidence.

Compared to his last attempt, Tu Mianmian crawled out a little more this time.

He pouted his buttocks and prepared to climb more with a pair of small claws tightly clinging to the edge of the pocket, and his fluffy and chubby body strenuously hanging on to the side of the pocket.

Mianmian Rabbit’s small head rested on the lip of the pocket, and his long ears slid out.

The snow-white little animal was very obvious against the dark clothes of the Duke.

Tu Mianmian tilted his head and looked at the group of people under the stage, his obsidian-like eyes were clean and bright, reflecting the scene in the conference room.

Little Mianmian Rabbit looked at this group of people very seriously.

The plush, little cutie has appeared again!

Everyone’s eyes in the conference room inevitably fell on the Duke’s pocket.

Fortunately, the Duke had already finished speaking at that time.

Sivir was now walking off the stage to return to his seat

The simulation robot presiding over the meeting stood on the stage again, but everyone’s eyes moved following the footsteps of the Duke.

Tu Mianmian was being very mischievous, and now most of his body had stuck out of the pocket, swaying with the paced footsteps of the Duke’s, looking like he was about to fall off and onto the ground.

Anna, who was under the stage, felt her heart tighten when she saw this, and so she hurriedly winked at Duke Sivir.

The Duke gave Anna a look.

When he walked down the stairs, he took advantage of the time to look down at the steps under his feet and to also look at his pocket!

Tu Mianmian raised his head and met the Duke’s eyes as if he was aware of his gaze.

Tu Mianmian: “…”

Sivir: “…”

The Duke thought that Tu Mianmian was just pushing against him and moving around in his pocket, but he didn’t expect that he was climbing out as if escaping from prison.

Tu Mianmian couldn’t help shrinking his neck back.

A flattering expression vividly appeared on the fluffy rabbit’s face as he pouted his cheeks.

Innocent, well-behaved, & cute.jpg

The Lord Duke stretched out his hand and pressed his finger on top of Mianmian Rabbit’s head.

With a poke, Mianmian Rabbit, who escaped from prison, fell back into his pocket.

Everyone in the conference room was immediately disappointed.

—Ooo, we can’t see Fluffy again.

Sivir ignored the gazes cast from all directions, returned to his seat calmly, and sat down again.

The piece of candy given by the old general was kept in Anna’s hand, so Sivir thought for a moment and took it to put into his pocket.

Mianmian Rabbit: Huh

The restless Mianmian Rabbit was comforted by the food and stopped trying to escape from prison.

After a while, there was a slight gnawing and chewing sound coming from the Duke’s pocket—it was Mianmian Rabbit eating.

The old general next to the Duke secretly glanced at his pocket, his eyes filled with curiosity and amazement.

After some time passed, the meeting finally came to an end, and the serious atmosphere in the conference room relaxed.

After this internal military meeting, there will be a live broadcast of a regular meeting for the media later.

This internal meeting was for confirming that the distribution of military exploits was correct and that everyone had no objections.

The follow-up live broadcast meeting was used to announce these things to the public, and to adopt meritorious transparency measures to avoid unbalanced interests.

Usually everyone goes to the live conference room after the internal meeting, but this time was different.

After the meeting was announced as finished, everyone walked towards the Duke’s seat in unison.

One by one, they came over looking calm on the surface, but it was obvious that they had slightly accelerated steps.

And the old general who was sitting next to the Duke had already relied on his geographical advantage to grab the Duke to chat with him, making the rest of the people stop where they were in regret.

The Duke still had respect for the old general.

So, when the other party showed his expectation to have a close-up look at Tu Mianmian, the Duke took the little rabbit out of his pocket.

On the palm of his hand, Mianmian Rabbit was chewing on a sugar candy, and there was sugar residue stuck to the fluff around his mouth.

The Duke took his time to carefully wipe him clean.

Tu Mianmian, this refined little rabbit with a broad food palette, stuffed the last little piece of candy into his mouth before rubbing the Duke’s finger.

The Duke understood, raised his head and said to the old general: “Thank you for the candy.”

After a pause, the Duke continued: “My spouse likes it very much.”

The old general was slightly surprised.

When the Duke explained about the phenomena of atavism, the old general’s eyes directed at Tu Mianmian suddenly changed.

He smiled blindingly and exclaimed, “The Duchess is so lovely.”

The Duke and the old general headed to the live broadcast conference room side by side, and the plush little cutie was also taken away.

The group of people who weren’t able to talk to the Lord Duke were very disappointed.

They turned around and saw that the Duke’s adjutant hadn’t left yet, so they all surrounded her.

Anna looked at the people before her with indifference: “…”

An officer stepped forward and asked Anna in a tone like he was solving a mystery: “Anna, where did His Royal Highness get that little animal from Can you tell me I also want to raise one.”

“Haven’t small, furry creatures been extinct for thousands of years Why is one still alive How was it cultivated Was it bought from the black market”

“Is it expensive Is my annual salary now enough to buy one”

“My AI told me after checking ancient books that this kind of creature has a very strong reproductive capacity.

Hey, even if I can’t buy this plush creature, I can buy a little fluffy one born from it! I don’t know if His Royal Highness will sell it”

“I want it too! I want it too! Ten years! I will pay ten years’ salary for one!”

“Reserve it for me too! Just one!”

“No wait, there is only one Fluffy, how to breed it There is no other to make a pair with it…”

“I can hear all your rude thoughts aloud.” Anna said calmly.

The blue vein on her forehand bursted out, but she still restrained her temper and tidied herself up gracefully!

She adjusted her sleeves and faced the crowd with a hardened smile on her face.

“” The officers who had question marks all over their faces at her reaction: “Why are you scolding us suddenly”

Anna looked at them quietly and didn’t speak for a long time.

She took a few deep breaths, resisting the urge to beat up this group of idiots.

Anna pinched the bridge of her nose, “That’s the Duchess who has gone through atavism!”

The phenomenon of atavism is rare in the Chaoyang Empire, but it wasn’t completely unfamiliar.

Once it was said, everyone understood what was going on.

Anna said truthfully: “That Little Furry is the animal form of the Duchess!”

She glanced at everyone in front of her and warned, “Be careful when you speak in front of the Duke!”

—You want to keep one, what The Duchess

Wanting to raise a little Duke born from the Duchess

What you’re thinking about is blasphemy!

Be careful, His Royal Highness might hunt you down!


On the other side—

Sivir and the old general separated after entering the live broadcast conference room.

The seats belonging to the two of them were not in the same place, and the old general’s family members were waiting for him so they could take a seat together.

The Duke had also come with his family, his petite little husband.

On the way to the live broadcast conference room, Mianmian Rabbit, who was held in Sivir’s hand, became unhappy again.

He insisted on climbing to the top of the Duke’s head, wanting to overlook ‘his territory’ from a high place.

So, Tu Mianmian came into the room lying on top of the Duke’s head.

In the live conference room, the live cameras had already been debugged.

Because he had also stated in advance that he would bring his family to attend, Sivir’s seating area had two seats.

The nameplate next to his seat read “Duchess Chris—Tu Mianmian”.

After the Duke took his seat, he stared at the nameplate for a bit.

Afterwards, he took Mianmian Rabbit off the top of his head and placed him in the position of the “The Duchess”.

In the live broadcast room, the audience who didn’t know anything saw this:

Tu Mianmian’s fans couldn’t sit still and immediately reacted—

[What are you doing Is Duke Sivir a scumbag Why don’t you bring Mianmian to the meeting when you can bring such a small animal]


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