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"In the first round, Toby lost his battle ability. The No. 1002548 Green-Hand Village, Lelly won!"

As the mysterious voice slowly faded away, the dazzling lightning in the arena also slowly dispersed. Everyone's eyes followed the figure standing in the arena, and they couldn't help but burst into cheers.

Lelly's hair was a little messy, but his eyes were shining with a dazzling light. He carried a body covered with blood. That was Toby. And a pair of bloody wings was dragged behind him, apparently broken.

"Humph! Loser!"

Mundo snorted coldly. He strode onto the stage and grabbed Toby's body from Lelly's hand. Then under the shocked eyes of the crowd, with a crack, Toby's neck was broken.

Then he bit Toby's neck and sucked in Toby's blood.

The air seemed to be frozen. Only Mundo's terrible swallowing echoed in the arena.

In no time, Toby carried by Mundo turned into a mummy, while Mundo showed a bloody smile to Lelly. He casually threw Toby's body aside and strode back.

"Hey, you have to win the next round. Do you hear me If you lose, I will let you taste the pain of losing blood before death!"

Mundo grabbed Willie's neck and glared at him with his blood-red eyes.

Willie's eyes were full of fear, with the protrusion caused by Mundo's pinch. Under the pressure of Mundo, he nodded immediately, unable to say a complete sentence.

Lelly returned to Dick and others. His face was pale. He was so close to him just now that the blood even sprayed on his face.

"Are you okay"

Jax asked with concern.

"I'm fine. It's just a little disgusting... That guy is simply not a human..."

Lelly said with his head down, trying hard not to vomit.

"That guy is not a human. He is just a beast. Jax, you have to be careful next time. The middle-aged fat man opposite doesn't look simple."

Dick whispered in Jax's ear as he approached him.

"I will help you. My talent is related to this. Trust me."

Jax was stunned for a moment. Obviously, he didn't trust Wayreth he had never seen before. But when he saw the expression on Lelly's face, he nodded.

"The second challenge, warriors please go to the arena."

The mysterious voice fell from the sky. Jax nodded to the people behind him and walked onto the arena.

The fat middle-aged man on the other side had a ferocious expression on his face. This fellow's fat face made this ferocious expression a little funny, but even so, his aura was still extremely surging.

"Countdown, 10, 9, 8... 2, 1! The battle began!"

As the countdown ended, the barrier in the middle of the arena disappeared. Dick also saw the information about the fat man.

"Willie, LV14, talent: level C, fog..."

LV14! In addition to Mundo, there was a second LV14 in the No. 1002546 Green-Hand Village! Besides, the fat man hadn't reached LV14 when they exposed his level last time!

"Damn it! Jax, Run!"

Dick shouted, regardless of his talent for telepathy.

Although he heard Dick's voice, Jax didn't have time to respond.

Willie took a deep breath, which was enough to make his stomach swell. Then he tried his best to spit out a large mouthful of smoke toward Jax.

In an instant, the whole arena was covered by the gray fog. Even Dick's eyes of God couldn't accurately see the position of Jax through the fog.

Talent restraint! The word popped up in Dick's mind all of a sudden. Willie could restrain the investigation! No wonder Dick couldn't see the specific value of him just now.

In an instant, Jax's situation fell into an emergency. He was in a fog and couldn't see clearly what was happening around him. Even when he lowered his head, he couldn't see the ground under his feet clearly.

​ "Ha-ha, that's great! You have been one of the countless people who fell into my trap. I was worried that I wouldn't have the chance to make a move. It seems that both of us are very lucky!"

Willie's voice echoed in his ears, but the latter could not find his position at all.

A sharp pain came from Jax's abdomen, and blood spurted out in an instant. He let out a painful cry.

He swung his fist backward, trying to hit Willie, but the power in the smoke seemed to have completely integrated into the air. The punch was so soft that it didn't hit anything.

He coughed up blood from his mouth and barely supported his body with his own weapon. He stumbled through the mist, trying to find the exit, but he was completely unable to tell the direction.

A sharp pain came from his body continuously, and the blood almost dyed him into a bloody man. He didn't fall down because he was supported by a piece of mind.

However, human physical strength was limited. In this kind of environment, he could not find his enemy at all and could only constantly lose blood.

Finally, his body fell to the ground, and the rest of his blood vitality could no longer support his movements.

'Damn it! I didn't even meet him in the end... Edward, all my hopes are on you. You must win.'

Jax thought painfully, seeing his blood vitality gradually drop to zero.

"In the second round, Jax died. The No. 1002546, Green-Hand Village, Willie won!"

The fog dissipated, and a bloody corpse fell on the arena, while Willie stood on it guffawing.

"Fuck! He killed him!"

"Revenge! Edward, revenge for him! We must win!"

"Let's fight them to death! Let's kill them now! Lelly has shown mercy, but he actually killed him!"

The crowd of No. 1002548 Green-Hand Village became excited. If there was no barrier to stop them, they would rush up and tear up Willie right now.

"The third challenge begins in ten minutes."


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