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Elf prince Chapter thirty

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Avalynn and Evangeline got back to blue mansion and Eva plopped herself immediately on Avas bed. Ava smiled and headed for the bathroom. Her phone immediately began ringing as she came out of the bathroom and she smiled when she saw it was Jacob calling.

"Yeah Jacob, sorry we left without letting you two know, but we left a Porsche, please tell the driver to drive Chloe to her house before coming to school" Ava said immediately she answered the phone.

"Wait what?! Isn it enough I spent a night with her?" Jacobs deep voice yelled out and Ava frowned

"Whats wrong in dropping her off? She is nice girl, common Jacob" Ava pushed further.

"No no please" he pleaded and she smiled

"Are you defying my orders huh my bodyguard?" She tried the boss tone and thankfully it worked.

"Am sorry young miss" he pleaded, she laughed and hanged up the phone. Eva was already asleep and they needed to go to school for crying out.

"Evangeline, get up its time for school" she shook the lazy Eva on the bed but the girl just whines and continued sleeping.

"Let me sleep for just a few minutes Ava, your bed is so soft"

"Seriously Eva, we have a test today" Ava pushes more but the girl wasn even moving.

"Alright then, we will do it the hard way" with that, she walked into the bathroom and came back with a jar of water. As she tried pouring The water on Eva, she opened her eyes and ran for her life.

"Get the hell out of this house and go get ready!!" Ava yelled as Eva ran out of the room continuously cursing at Ava.

Butler John smiled at their childishness and went to arrange their breakfast.

"Alright! Alright!! At least let me have breakfast first!" Eva yelled and Ava sighed as she stopped chasing after her.

"There isn much time but go ahead and brush you teeth"

"Who says Id brush my teeth before eating?" Eva sat down on one of the dining chairs and grabbed a spoon to eat but her hand was slapped away before she could touch any meal.

"Common! What was that for?!" She questioned the angry Ava.

"Go upstairs right now and brush your teeth!" Ava yelled in her face and Eva scrunched her nose.

"I will but don yell in my face young lady.... your breath stinks!" Eva retorted and Ava again chased her out of the dining hall back upstairs to her room.


Jacob dropped Chloe In front of her small apartment and once she came down from the car, he zoomed off without letting her say thank you or wave him a goodbye.

Jacob drove hurriedly to school but realized he had earlier lied to his lady boss that he couldn drive a car. With a deep sigh, he drove back to blue mansion and thankfully Ava had already left for school.

Jacob walked into class and as usual, everyone began gawking at him but with a different look on their faces. The news of what happened in the party was all over the school and everyone had fear for Jacob.

Jacob not caring about the look they were giving him went to sit beside Ava and Eva, they both gave him a small smile and focused back on their tests.

Soon the class was over and they walked out of class and into the cafeteria. Once they had settled down, Ava turned to Jacob and asked a bugging question.

"How is Chloe?"

"Are you seriously asking me that? I mean I dropped her off, so she should be fine" Jacob replied and rolled his eyes, Eva giggled.

"She isn in school Jacob" Ava informed with a frown.


"So we will go check on her after school" Jacob groaned and bit into his food.

"Am not going" he said instead and Ava raised a brow, "why?"

"I don have to young miss" he answers and Eva chuckled. Ava glared at her and she smiled "what?! I mean he is blunt as f**k" she and Jacob chuckled.

"Enough you two, we are going to see her and thats final" Eva scowled and continued eating.


"Are you Seriously not going to answer to your mothers call?" Jack asked the moody Keane for the thousand time.

"I don need to" Keane replied calmly and Jack sighed heavily, he had being trying to make Keane answer to his mothers call for two days now and it wasn working.

"Prepare the jet, we are going back to America" Keane spoke after a while and Jack choked. "What?! Its just the third day Keane and we haven even caught Orion!" Jack yelled but Keane didn move.

Jack wanted to pull his hair off in frustration and his eyes tearing up without tears. Keane was making his life miserable with each passing day. The initial plan of coming to Finland was to catch a rogue elf who was also a threat to Keane and the royal family.

Jack had worked really hard for this and the damned prince was just throwing it out the window.

"Keane you are joking right?" He asked with a nervous smile but Keane just looked at him like he was a moron. "Lets have a fight, if I win we go back but if you win we stay" Keane suddenly suggested and Jack beamed. He loved the idea because it had been a really long time they both had a real fight and he always ended up winning.



"Enough Keane enough!" Jack yelled out as Keane threw him against the wall for a million time. He had always being the one to beat the hell out of Keane but his suspicion had been proved right that Keane had inherited dark magic.

A smirk formed on Keanes lip before turning around. "Get the jet ready" he said and disappeared.

"Urghhhhh!!" Jack groaned and pounded on the floor. "Stupid prince of a..a...a royal elf home!" He yelled again and disappeared as well.


A/N: the chapter is quit short but hope you are liking this story so far cause I haven been posting regularly but I promise to release at least two to Three chapters a week

Love yall

Xoxo erika

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