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“He is the number nine Does that mean that he will have to go through a few clones before his real body group will come out” Washi was already a little dumbfounded.

This was the first time he had seen such a steady operation.

As expected of the man called Anbu leader.

The Anbu member nodded and replied, “Yes, Washi-sama.

Danzo-sama will come out to eat at night.

Other than at night, he spends most of his time behind number nine in the day.”

“All right.” At this time, Washi no longer wanted to bother with Danzo’s sharp operation.

“Pay attention to those physical skills ninjas.”

Regarding the task that Washi ordered, Anbu was very willing to accept it.

After all, there was no need to rush to the front to face those Konoha Ninjas.

After Washi arranged the task for the Anbu, he once again took over the control of the wood human and walked towards Konoha.

At this time, the battle had entered a white-hot stage.

Female Orochimaru and Orochimaru held back most of the Konoha Ninjas, and Minato was also fighting with a bunch of Konoha’s physical skills.

“Let’s go, we will also go to Konoha openly.” Last time, he was unable to enter through the main gate, but it had always been Washi’s regret.

This time, he brought so many people to greet him, so he should be able to enter through the main gate, right



Washi controlled the wood human to step forward.

The ninjas in front of him avoided him one after another, lest they were stepped on by the huge foot of the wood human.

Although these ninjas wanted to throw a ninjutsu on the head of the wood human when they left, most of them were waved away by the palm of the wood human before they could get close to Washi.

A few ninjutsu that could fly to the side of Washi were directly dealt with by the Anbu.


Seeing that Konoha’s Ninjas were retreating step by step, Danzo, who was injured in his left arm by Orochimaru, came to Hiruzen Sarutobi’s side.

“Is Konoha going to lose…”

Hiruzen Sarutobi tried to get close to Washi, but he was also pushed away by Minato.

In addition to Washi’s protection, there was a guy who looked exactly like Danzo guarding the wooden dragon head.

They had no chance to get close to him.

“Hiruzen, let me try again.” Danzo stood on the wall, looking at the approaching wood human, he gritted his teeth and said.

“You What do you want to try” Hiruzen Sarutobi frowned and looked at Danzo.

On their side, even he and Kakashi were unable to attack the other side, how could Danzo attack

Danzo, who had already hardened his heart, took off the strip of cloth on his head with his right hand full of Sharingan, and said to Hiruzen Sarutobi, “I want to try this.”

“Sharingan” Hiruzen Sarutobi had already known about the Sharingan on Danzo before, but what could this Sharingan do to the battlefield You are not a Mangekyo user, how could you produce Susanoo

“Mangekyo Sharingan!”

When Danzo took off all the cloth, he said.

Only then did Hiruzen Sarutobi see the eye clearly, and this eye was the Mangekyo Sharingan! that he thought was impossible.

When Minato and the others attacked the village, they checked Danzo.

When they checked Danzo’s head, he had already woken up.

Therefore, the higher-ups of Konoha only knew that Danzo had the Sharingan, but they did not know that he had the Mangekyo Sharingan.

“This is Shisui Uchiha’s eyes.”

“His Mangekyo Sharingan has the strongest Genjutsu – Kotoamatsukami.”

“Hiruzen, send me to their leader or Minato.

I will take care of the them.”

Although Danzo was a Hokage, his love for Konoha was not inferior to Hiruzen Sarutobi.

In this moment of life and death, Hiruzen Sarutobi did not want to hide anything.

As long as Konoha could continue to exist, a Sharingan was nothing.

“Kotoamatsukami” As the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi naturally knew about the genjutsu of the other gods.

Shisui Uchiha was also a ninja he valued very much.

As an Uchiha, he had always stood on the side of Konoha.

This was one of the reasons why Hiruzen Sarutobi valued Shisui Uchiha.

However, he did not expect that the eyes of Shisui Uchiha would actually appear on Danzo.

“What exactly did you do” Hiruzen Sarutobi was very angry.

In these years, Danzo had done many shameful things under his eyes.

The eyes of the Uchiha, the cooperation with Orochimaru, the Mangekyo Sharingan of Shisui Uchiha…

Hiruzen Sarutobi had already decided that if he won this battle, he could no longer let Danzo stay in Konoha’s higher-ups.

However, the role of the other gods could not be ignored.

Therefore, Hiruzen Sarutobi could only agree with Danzo’s plan.

“Well, I will send you to the opposite side.

The primary target is the ninja on the opponent’s wood human.

If not, directly release Minato.”

In Hiruzen Sarutobi’s view, Washi, who could use Wood Release and was the leader of the enemy, became the primary target.

If he couldn’t change Washi’s will, then Minato would be a good choice.

With the help of Flying Thunder God, Minato would have a decisive effect on the battlefield.

“Good.” Danzo stared at the woode human and nodded fiercely.

“Let’s go.” At this time, Hiruzen Sarutobi could only place all his hopes on Danzo, who hid his right eye beside him.

“Kakashi, Asuma, cover us!”

Hiruzen Sarutobi brought Danzo and quickly approached the wood human.

On the way, Hiruzen also called Kakashi and the others.

Under their cover, Danzo’s chances of getting close to Washi increased.

In this way, more and more ninjas gathered around Hiruzen Sarutobi, and under the command of Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzo was surrounded by several powerful elite Jonins to prevent them from being attacked by the wood dragons and snakes.

“So much Do you want to bet everything on this” Washi also saw Konoha’s Ninjas gathering.

Could it be that the other side had thought of a solution

At this time, Konoha could pose a threat to him.

Kakashi was one of them, but this guy did not know about this thing at all.

Apart from Kakashi, there was only Mighty Guy’s Eight Gate and Danzo’s Kotoamatsukami Ninjutsu that had a limited number of uses.

Wait, Danzo, Kotoamatsukami…

“Isn’t that Danzo It seems that Konoha is preparing to use the Kotoamatsukami on me.

I didn’t expect the name of the plan to be useful to me.”

“Unfortunately, you are wrong.” Washi had been studying the Hokage Warehouse for a long time.

Because of the plan, he had made Minato and Female Orochimaru use the genjutsu on him, but without exception, they were all countered by the Hokage Warehouse in his mind.

The genjutsu was ineffective on him!


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