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Divine Emperor of Death Chapter 27: Massacred!

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Chapter 27: Massacred!

The respective armies of the three empires assembled themselves in various battle formations that were used for warring and let out an imposing war cry from time to time as if they measured each other's capacity.

The Loret Army fortified themselves on the walls of the northern gate. Ground Troops were set in front of the gate as well. Various Magical Beast Mounts were also used, forming cavalry and aerial troops flying in mid-air, overlooking the battlefield's scenery.

The Raven Army took the west front of the Northern Gate while the Tritor Army took the east front of the Northern Gate. This formation persisted clearly to attack the Loret Empire from both sides, pinning them down.

After all, they could successfully flank them from both sides if the Loret Army were to be caught off guard.

There were also many experts atop the walls of the Imperial Capital who were observing the war with their senses.




The war drums started to echo throughout the battlefield, signaling the start of the war.

Each Commander of the respective armies took charge and led the soldiers into war.

On top of the Northern Gate, in an inconspicuous corner, a silhouette of a person wearing a black robe could be seen. The silhouette was there for about some time listening to the conversation of these people above in the air.

Its eyes were scarlet red as it scanned around the battlefield, a murderous light dwelling in it.

Its lips moved as if it were talking to someone, "You're the ones who came to invade, so don't expect any mercy from me!"

It looked at the hope ridden battlefield and uttered in a low yet hateful voice.



A big heartbeat sound, akin to a loud resounding thunderclap reverberated across the battlefield!

Multiple screams of agony echoed across the battlefield as more than two million soldiers clutched their chests as they fell to their knees. The ones on the Magical Beast Mounts dropped to the ground, and numerous aerial troops who were above fell towards the surface.

A second later, everyone collapsed to the ground, like a pillar that had lost its foundation.

There was absolute silence on the battlefield, and no one alive dared to talk. It felt like their souls had fallen into purgatory for a brief moment, silent yet deadly. No blood and no sound remained on the battlefield.

This scene was so unbelievable that they couldn't fathom what had happened right now.

The two Emperors who were so ecstatic were now trembling in fear, their eyes wide and their faces pale with fright. They could not even detect anything as their army was massacred in the blink of an eye.

Logan, who was in despair, suddenly trembled with excitement even though he couldn't believe his eyes. The reason for his excitement was because he could see that his army was not targeted for some reason!

Logan wasn't a fool. He instantly clasped his hands with a boom as the air reverberated with his might and bowed down in the air with the utmost respect.

"Senior! This lowly Emperor is extremely thankful for your aid! Do I have the honor to invite you to the Imperial Castle of my Loret Empire"

Silence again! Absolute silence!

A few seconds passed, yet there was no answer, and a few minutes later, there was still no answer. All of them present here were obedient like a child, yet no one dared to disrupt the silent atmosphere.

No voice could still be heard.

The two Emperors heaved a sigh of relief while Logan smiled as if a burden had been taken away from his heart.

"Sect Leaders of the Ruthless Sword Sect and Piercing Sword Sect, are you still going to watch by the side-lines " Logan asked coldly.

The two of them immediately came behind him and hurriedly conveyed.

"Emperor, we didn't betray you! We only acted with the safety of our sects in our minds!"

"Yes, yes! We didn't have any thoughts of betrayal, and we only sat this one out instead of joining the other side!"

Logan watched them with an amusing gaze and harrumphed coldly. He couldn't afford to make them an enemy right now. Hence, he turned around and viewed the two Emperors with a gloating expression on his face.

"Huh Why are you two bastards still staying here Aren't your armies utterly decimated Hurry up and scram!" Logan laughed heartily, he felt like still killing them, but he knew what was important to him.

"Don't you dare to be haughty in front of us! We will readdress this humiliation at a later date!"

"Oh You're saying that you're going to pick a fight with… Senior"

Emperor Raven and Emperor Tritor's face changed.

They didn't dare say anything, and the four of them immediately left in the direction of their respective Empires along with the surviving entourage. They immediately left because they didn't even know if that Senior was still in the Loret Empire's airspace, watching them with cold and indifferent eyes.

Their losses were immense, and they've lost their entire military prowess and are now vulnerable to all other Empires. So if they don't return to their respective Empires, then they will suffer the same fate as once Loret Empire did, being invaded by other Empires.

Claire looked at Logan with a wronged expression on her face. Logan then immediately remembered that those two Empires abducted his son. His face turned ugly.

'Damn! I was so immersed at the thought of defeating them! I forgot about Davis!'

Regret! Extreme regret! He felt like utter sh*t right now for getting complacent with his victory over the two Empires.

Claire knew that he had forgotten temporarily. Even so, she did not blame him. She thought this was perhaps what being an Emperor meant… To only care about one's Empire at times of war.

"Don't worry. I'll get him! I swear I'll return with him! If I can't, then take care of Clara!" Logan immediately left chasing those two Emperors who had gone at least more than a thousand meters away from him.

"Don't go! I don't want to lose you too!" Claire cried out and tried to follow after him.

He hardened his heart and didn't look back or reply to her.

The two Family Heads and the others who were there immediately stopped Claire from following the Emperor. They received a soul transmission from Logan so they could only hold her back and try to protect her.

Just when he was halfway there, he received a sound transmission from Hendrickson.


A few minutes earlier, while Hendrickson had just secured Clara.

In the Imperial Prison, Davis was still experimenting on the prisoners when unbeknownst to him, a silhouette in black robes entered the Prison.

There was no one standing guard before the entrance.

The silhouette entered and started searching. It went through various corridors when suddenly a voice rang out.

"I'll avenge my comrades!"


The silhouette easily dodged the attack and commented with a concealed yet mocking voice, "Oye, if you're going to sneak attack, at least do it sneakily."

"You wretched assassin, die!"

Bowen slashed his sword furiously at the assassin. He felt intense regret seeing his comrades die one by one from inside the Prison through special means.

The silhouette kept dodging his furious slashes. The assassin suddenly saw an opening and kicked Bowen in his stomach.

Bowen felt his stomach rumbling while he was sent flying. He instantly realized that the assassin was way more powerful than him.

Davis was near, so he heard the commotion and came to check.

"Eh" Davis had no idea what was going on here, but soon as he saw the silhouette in black robes, he had an inkling of what was going on.

"Oh, the kid is here, lucky, hehe!" The assassin laughed without care.

"Who are you, mister" Davis asked with an innocent expression on his face.

"Prince Davis, run!"

Bowen gritted his teeth and shouted as he had lost all hope in being able to protect Davis.


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