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Chapter 1063: The Grandmasters Of The Secondary Career Alliance Are Here To Congratulate Baron Wang Teng!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After the Parkers family sat down, the atmosphere of the banquet relaxed a little.

However, everyone knew that this was just the start.

The Parkers didnt have good intentions.

No one knew if they would suddenly target Wang Teng after the banquet started.

They knew that they were capable of this.

The nobles wouldnt interfere in the business between the Parkers family and Wang Teng.

They were already giving him face by attending the banquet.

They wouldnt care about the result.

Many of the people at the banquet were filled with interest.

They wanted to see how Baron Wang Teng would deal with this situation and how this banquet would end.

Many people didnt have high hopes for Wang Teng.

He might have talked back to the Parkers, but those were just words, it wouldnt affect anything.

Besides, he had further angered the Furious Flaming Universe Lord from the Parkers.

At this moment, the Parkers family was treating this place like their own home.

They sat there and ate their food happily.

The youngsters even laughed and chatted loudly.

They occasionally smirked at Wang Teng.

None of them treated him with respect.

Everyone felt that the Parkers family had gone overboard.

They started to sympathize with Wang Teng.

However, Wang Teng didnt reveal any expression.

He didnt even look at them and continued to welcome his guests calmly.

Time slowly passed in this atmosphere.

It was getting closer to the start of the banquet.

Everyone felt that no more important characters would come.

“Baron Wang Teng, the Parkers family is the most important guest today.

However, you dont seem to know it.” Andrais sniggered.

“Thats right, were giving you face by coming.

The other grand dukes wont come,” another young man from the Parkers family shouted in agreement.

“Start the banquet quickly.

Were getting hungry!” another person shouted.

“The Parkers family is getting out of hand,” Situ Waner said.

“They dont care about their reputation anymore.” Situ Nan snorted.

He wanted to speak up.

Suddenly, shouts were heard.

It wasnt just a single shout.

It was a whole list of names!

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“Grandmaster Hua Yuan from the Secondary Career Alliance has come to congratulate Baron Wang Teng!”

“Grandmaster Harol from the Secondary Career Alliance has come to congratulate Baron Wang Teng!”

“Grandmaster Kirton from the Secondary Career Alliance has come to congratulate Baron Wang Teng!”

“Grandmaster Mo De from the Secondary Career Alliance has come to congratulate Baron Wang Teng!”

“Grandmaster Alfred from the Secondary Career Alliance has come to congratulate Wang Teng!”

The arrival of the grandmasters from the Secondary Career Alliance astounded the nobles.

They were all in a state of confusion.

What was this

Why were there so many grandmasters here

There were more than 10 of them.

This was frightening!

No one understood what was happening.

They were in awe as they stared absentmindedly at the entrance.

Even the members of the Parkers family were appalled.

If only one or two grandmasters came, they wouldnt care.

However, there were too many of them!

When did Wang Teng possess such influence How did he manage to invite so many grandmasters

Wang Teng smiled when he saw their expressions.

He stood up with a mysterious aura and went to welcome the grandmasters.

When the grandmasters walked in, Grandmaster Alfred, who was at the front, smiled and said, “Mr.

Wang Teng, are we too late”

With so many people present, he didnt call him Grandmaster Wang Teng.

The other grandmasters came to congratulate and greet him too.

“You came just in time.” Wang Teng smiled.

“However, someone was getting impatient and was urging me to start the banquet.

If you had come slightly later, you might have been too late.”

Everyones gaze turned weird when they heard this.

They turned to look at the Parkers family.

The Parkers family: …

Urging him to start the banquet!

He made them sound like hungry ghosts!

The Parkers were furious.

They felt so frustrated that they wanted to vomit blood.

This bastard was brutal! He was disgusting!

They glared at the young man who had shouted at Wang Teng just now.

He was an idiot.

If he hadnt run off his mouth, the Parkers wouldnt be so embarrassed.

Situ Nan almost wanted to slap his thigh and laugh, but the situation didnt allow him to.

What a pity.

Even the cold and distant Situ Waner couldnt control her smile.

Fortunately, she was wearing a veil that hid her expression.

Only her slightly curled eyes could be seen.

Grandmaster Alfred and the others noticed the awkward atmosphere too.

Their gazes landed on the limelight in the room—the Parkers!

Anyone could tell that Wang Teng was referring to them!

However, Wang Teng didnt dwell on the issue.

Irritating them once was enough.

He welcomed the grandmasters and led them to their seats.

“Have a seat please.”

“Whats going on Why did all these grandmasters come” the Furious Flaming Universe Lord frowned and asked Valteru and the others using voice transmission.

“I dont know either.” Valteru was dumbfounded.

“Did they become friends because Wang Teng sold the Lightning Essence Insect to the Secondary Career Alliance” Sinclamon pondered.

“Forming a friendship because he sold them a Lightning Essence Insect I didnt know that grandmasters were so easy to befriend,” the Furious Flaming Universe Lord replied angrily.

“Erm…” Sinclamon didnt know what to say.

They werent the only ones in confusion.

The other nobles were puzzled too.

They didnt know when Wang Teng made friends with these grandmasters.

They started discussing in low voices, trying to guess their relationship.

At the same time, they started to view Wang Tengs network in a new light.

After some time, more announcements were heard.

All of them were grand dukes.

“The Jiang family has arrived!”

“The Ji family has arrived!”

“The Cavendish family has arrived!”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Besides the Parkers family, more grand dukes were attending the event.

There were even three of them.

There was a good show to watch now!

With these three dukes, would the Parkers family still make things difficult for Wang Teng

The Parkers family was staggered too.

They glanced at one another grimly.

They could still accept the arrival of the various grandmasters, but they didnt understand why these three grand duke families came.

Wang Tengs talent was just a little higher!

Why did all of them come Even three other grand dukes were here!

The Furious Flaming Universe Lord glared at Wang Teng without any expression on his face.

No one knew what he was thinking.

However, when he saw the three families walking in, he squinted.

He seemed to have seen someone unexpected.

The arrival of the three grand dukes livened up the atmosphere of the banquet.

It was finally time for it to start.

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