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Blood Secrets CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: Secret reveal

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The sight was as horror for Lili as someone. Who hadn seen an animal like the black wolfs tall alpha? She doesn know what to do. Before Elliott came to her rescue, he told her looking directly in her eyes to rust him so what she wants more.

As the both of them look at each other. The wolf attacked Elliott but he is also faster than the alpha. Elliott doughed his attack and punched him with his bare hand as the Alpha fell four-time backward which make Lili more scared what in the world is happening here she thought as tears run down her cheeks she doesn try to wipe them away.

Hazel was still standing on the other side of the tree and did not know what to do. She is very much stronger than Lili, but Hazel doesn want to expose herself in front of Lili. She just started to trust her and start opening up to her, scared of her reaction or other unnecessary things, she decided not to disclose herself. But she was ready when she saw how the Alpha starts to come closer to Lili making her angry as she was about to attack but Elliott beat her which make her relief. She can trust Elliott he wouldn let anything happens to Lili her dads niece.

But what she doesn know is that he doesn come here because she is Willaims only special niece but she is also very special to him he kept telling himself that she is dangerous for him. Water which would never timid him.

If he tell someone other than his friends they would laugh their asss out on Elliott to think that a mare, weak as pathetic a girl like Lili. It would be a joke for them, but for his existence, she is that dangerous whom he was chasing and every time she goes away from him. That he can able to make her come back to him but now as she is here in front of him will he do the same thing which he do two hundred years ago? He was afraid to lose her yet not wanting to admit it.

But if he kept doing this with his ego, he had to know that he will again end up losing her.

Of course, Hazel and Elliott know he is not an ordinary but an alpha of the unknown pack and he was confused that why an alpha tried to come here and attack the girl. Everyone see he was about to attack but he was never going to attack Lili. Never.

He was coming closer to her to see her after many years. She had grown up pretty but is staying with Willaim his blood rises every time he thought she is with Willaim and Elliott, he wants to take her from here. But what he can do, is what his elder pack did in past. He won force him on her maybe would talk to her once she was okay with his presence but does it alright for a girl to stay calm after seeing a big black wolf with golden eyes stood as tall as her? His figure was not simple or small, which scared Lili.

Cursing herself for coming here with Hazel; at this time, but she was scared at first to come in Hybeer and is now more scared than ever. What she did in her past life to get the present like this. She was okay with staying at home but not going to be a meal for a walking stranger black wolf.

When the alpha was far from them, Elliott turned to look at Hazel with a signal in his eyes as he ordered, "Take Lili back right now." He looks at the alpha narrowing his sharp eyes at him before adding, "Safe."

Hazel was stunned for a second that does she hear right or wrong? Elliott taking interest in another persons life it was something she had never seen. Nevertheless, she won have much time to think about it more because the Alpha had made his way towards Elliott.

"Come!" Hazel grabbed Lilis hand who was looking at Elliott not knowing if she can leave him all by himself. This will not end good, she thought.

As they make their way out of the field of battle. Elliott who was pushed to the ground had his fangs come out of his mouth he had the alpha mouth close and was pushing him. "Fuck." This black alpha is very heavy for a person like Elliott. Who was nothing but a vampire just like any human but hold some abilities other than drinking blood.

Alpha was again pushed to the ground but he was not finished here as he run with speed towards Elliott. He attacked him with his fangs and ripe some meat from his arm, which he groan louder. Elliott stop the blood from falling before he lost consciousness or this beast went for Lili.

Elliott doesn know why and whats the reason for the alpha of some pack to come into his territory. An open attack!?

This makes Elliot very angry when he again runs towards him like a Buffalo. This time Elliott didn try to stop for some other injuries as Lili is far from here. He can come to his usual self, Elliott punched the tree and it was about to fall on the alpha who jumped and ran towards another direction before again aiming Elliott for his revenge to get him injured this much.

He is afraid will he reach home, walking. No one knows he is here and if something happens to him. It will not just him but all the members of his pack would be killed after they were disclosed in the eyes of vampires.

Lili and Hazel run towards the building university, but Lili had something big in her heart that she shouldn run from there like the stupid weak girl she is. She could help Elliott he may be stronger than her but not as strong as the wolf. She was indifferent thoughts about what to do and what to not.

"Stop!" Lili stopped and her foot look around gulping in horror the groans and roars of wolves could able to hear from where she is now. To imagine Elliott being killed by the hand of a wild animal made Lili puke whatever she eat.

"What happened? We shouldn be standing here. Theres -"

"Elliott. He is in danger how can I leave him." Lili shook her head in denial of what every thought was coming to her mind. She can let it happen because after the wolf was done with Elliott. The stupid and rude man would hunt her dreams like it was not enough that the wolf was coming into her dreams to scare the ** out of her. She doesn to be killed in her dreams by Elliott.

Also she just not wants to go there just to help Elliott but to get some answers to her theories which were yet to complete.

"He said to make you safe. Lili. Lets go don argue." The words

bothered Lili more than they should — probably

because his voice hit her heart like a flying arrow in the sky. She can help but to go help Elliott if she was going to die in the fight. Two is good instead of one. Lili could always be suspected as much, and it embarrassed her to have it confirmed. That the man none other than Hazels ex.

Lili looked at the black sky strange, there was no moon now but it looks like any time it would rain and Lili knew it was not good if it start raining here.

"You can go back home. And inform whoever you will see on your way that -" Lili tries to make Hazel safe so she can able to digest that because of Lilis stupid decision an innocent life would die.

"No. I will come with you. you are right we can leave him to fight alone. Lets go before the alpha kills Elliott." Alpha rang in Lilis mind her mind go numb for a moment before she saw Hazel start running. As she also runs behind her.

Hazel stops in front of the same tree but Lili saw no one there but found voice and groans Voices from the right. Lili gulped when she caught sight of both of them. To think she was dreaming something less its the worst nightmare of her whole life.

Elliott was full of blood while she could be the Alpha looks much better than Elliott. He also has blood all over him which was socking inside his fur the black alpha runs towards Eliott to finish this man right here. He was extremely happy after again catching sight of Lili here, but as the thought came to his mind that she might come because of him he was not a fool to not imagine things when this man was literally fighting him because of the girl.

Elliott pushed his fangs into his left arm at which the alpha roared harder than before he pushed himself out of his grip before he could attack again towards Elliott. Hazel has pushed him towards the ground again. When the Alpha saw the two of them protected as it looks like she is very special to both of them.

It would be insulting for an alpha to run from there but he doesn have any options anymore as the vampiress attacks him and he runs in the opposite direction. The alpha can hold the fight anymore because first, he was alone and second he was beaten by the vampire.

Seeing them going far from where they were stood Elliott and Hazel saw him going out of their sights. The both of them let go of the relief breath before their eyes look at Lili. Who was standing there looking at them with open wide eyes like an owl?

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