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Allure Of The Night Chapter 30

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Eve walked through the streets of the town of Meadow. Unlike many other times, she didnt carry her umbrella with her right now.

On her way, Eve met one of her fellow townswomen.

“Good evening, Genevieve. Out to get something”

Eve smiled, “I am, Mrs. Gardiner. Did you go to visit the centre of the town to help Mr. Gardiner”

“I did,” replied the woman, rubbing her hands before saying, “See you tomorrow.”

“You too, Mrs. Gardiner,” Eve waved at the woman, who seemed to be in a hurry to return to the warmth of her home.

Eve continued to walk away from the town and entered the forest that partly surrounded their town. Her feet softly pressed on the grassy ground away from the sound of carriage and peoples eyes and words. The frogs softly croaked, and the crickets continued rubbing their wings, chirping all across the forest and beyond it.

Coming to the river bank, Eve looked around to make sure she was all alone. When she noticed it was clear, she started to undress. Her dress loosened and pooled near her feet.

She pulled the ribbon that kept her hair tied, which unravelled to let her golden blonde hair cascade down her shoulders and on her back. The ribbon gently wavered to join with the pile of her clothes.

Walking towards the bank of the river under the moonlight, Eve dived into the deeper side of the water. This was something she liked to do, to be surrounded by water. To swim against the current of water or with it playfully until her mind felt at peace. After spending a little more time, she swam to the side of the river where no one ever came. It was her very own private sanctuary.

Eve pushed herself up, sitting on the edge before pulling out the little container holding salts. She rubbed the salts all over her legs until they dissolved, and she was left with watery hands.

Over the years, she had tried to understand more about her body, and this time was more suitable as every person would have gone home. Even if someone was walking nearby, thanks to the darkness, one wouldnt be able to see her in the water.

She slipped back into the water, swimming close to the rivers bed. The little fishes in the river were quick to give way to her.

Eve wondered if Lady Annalises threat held any weight or if it was only empty words. The woman was a vampiress, and if she could, she would have snapped her neck. But she hadnt, which somewhere meant that the woman was scared of her step-son, thought Eve. Not to mention, the lifespan of a governess in the Moriarty mansion didnt seem to look bright.

The river was quite far from the town, and as it was night, people avoided getting lost in the forest. There were rumours about people being abducted in the middle of the night by witches, all thanks to Eugene, who had spread the rumour among people.

Eve gathered water with both her hands and splashed it on her face. Staying a little longer in the water, she finally came out.

Walking behind the tree where her clothes were placed, she bent down to pick up the towel and started to wipe the water droplets. Softly humming as she finished with it.

“Seems like water ran out in some peoples houses.”

Eves eyes turned as wide as saucers, and she shrieked, “AHHHH!!!” Her scream echoed through the forest, which had some of the birds that had perched on the branches of the trees fly away.

Vincent stood on the other side of the tree, his hands raised where he plugged his index fingers into his ears.

“God, do you scream loud,” remarked Vincent, his face slightly scrunched before plugging out his fingers.

On the other hand, Eve turned bright red in embarrassment, and she held her clothes close to her front. She whispered in utter mortification, “Kill me! Kill me! No.. bury me!!”

How could this happen! She had been coming here for years, and no one, not a single soul, ever came on this side of the forest as this side of the forest turned darker. So how did Vincent Moriarty end up here!

“You are too young to die. It would be better if you die after five years, this way I dont have to put up with an annoying governess again,” came the calm words from Vincent as if he hadnt seen her naked back a few seconds ago!

“Y-you pervert!!” Eve quickly pointed her finger from behind the tree. “Stay right there! Dont you dare move!”

Vincent rolled his eyes, “Dont be embarrassed, it isnt something I am unfamiliar with.” Eve gritted her teeth, half embarrassed and half furious. “I didnt come here knowing I would find you. And who even dips in the river naked. In fact, it would be more right to say that you are the perverted one here.”

“What” Eve snapped at him. She glared at his back, “I didnt know you took baths with your clothes on.”

“When I am in the mood, sure,” Vincent shrugged his shoulders, and Eve quickly took a peek at where he was. She noticed he had his back facing her.

Her hands shook as she tried to wear her clothes the fastest way possible right now. Her hair was still dripping wet, which had drenched some parts of her fresh and dry clothes.

This was the worst thing that could happen to her! To be seen naked by a man who was her employer! Lady Annalises offer didnt look too bad right now. After all, who could refuse free money

“When you see a naked woman, you turn away and walk away like a gentleman. And not wait to comment!” came the rushed words from Eve, and she pulled down her dress before making it proper.

Vincent chuckled sarcastically, “If you think men function like that, you are sorely mistaken, Miss Barlow. And frankly when I saw you, I thought it was a little girl,” he remarked, and the clothes in Eves hands crumpled.


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